I found a dead branch that had fallen off a tree in the backyard today. It was a couple of feet long and about an inch in diameter, and it looked like a perfect branch for anoles to perch on. So I put the branch in the area where anoles like to hang out, leaning it against the fence at an angle. And sure enough, every time I checked there was at least one anole on the branch, and I saw several using it as a bridge from ground to the fence. This big fellow was showing off his dewlap as he sat there. I like the colorful blur in the background.


The branch can be seen better here.


I almost decided not to grow tomatoes this year, but then there was the volunteer plant that sprung up on its own in one of the tomato pots. After the little plant made it through the winter I had to give it a chance. It’s thriving now, full of little green tomatoes and tomato blossoms. And as always, I have a tomato pot anole. This big male brown anole stays close to the pot, darting into the pot when he wants to hide.


A closer look at the tomato pot anole.


An anole on the fence–lots of white on this one.


And one more anole climbing on the branch I set against the fence.