I heard agitated bird calls in the trees in the back, and I saw a mockingbird swooping in and out of one area in the trees. I went closer and spotted this tiny bird, less than 5 inches long. It seems to be perched on a leaf, which has no trouble supporting its weight.


It’s a Carolina Chickadee–very similar to the Black-capped Chickadee, but the Black-capped is a northern bird and the Carolina Chickadee lives in the southeast. As I watched I saw that the chickadee seemed upset with the mockingbird. It kept calling loudly when the mockingbird flew close, and the tiny chickadee flew at the much larger mockingbird several times.


The chickadee ended up chasing off the mockingbird. It sat on the fence looking around for a few minutes after the mockingbird left.


A little Ground-dove.


And new green pine cones growing on a tall pine tree.