We had some excitement here this morning. I looked out at Max in the backyard and saw him carrying something in his mouth. He set it down and gently nudged it with his nose and paw. I’ve seen him do this with anoles before so I was certain he’d caught another anole. I ran outside calling “Leave it!” and Max backed off as I approached. Instead of an anole, I saw that he’d found a baby bird–a tiny Carolina Chickadee. It was very much alive and alert, moving around and squawking a little. I grabbed Max first and put him back in the house, and then I went to check on the little bird. I didn’t see any obvious injuries, and there didn’t seem to be any anxious parents, other babies, or a nest nearby.

I was concerned about Max slipping out and trying to play with the bird again, so I didn’t feel safe leaving it alone on the ground. I scooped it up gently and put it on an old towel in an open box for the time being.


The baby was very tiny, 3 inches long at most, and although its eyes are closed in these photos, its eyes were open most of the time and it was looking around. It perched on my finger as I held it.


We have a wild bird rescue in our area so I called them. They were willing to take the baby chickadee, so I delivered it to them. Now I’m hoping the baby bird does well, and I’m also hoping Max doesn’t find any more baby birds!

Our lantana plant is producing its first spring flowers.



And here’s Max the bird-catcher, hunting for anoles. There are anoles living in the large plant on the other side of the fence, and Max spends a lot of time studying that plant and barking at any anoles he spots.