I’ve been checking on the two osprey nests at the community college at least once a week, but there’s been little to see until today. Occasionally I’d see a bit of motion in a nest, which at least let me know the birds were still there. Today the nests were about the same as usual–a little motion, with feathers sticking up now and then. This is the nest by the baseball field.


But today I saw an osprey perching on a light pole next to the pole with the nest. I think it was a male, keeping an eye on his mate and their nest.


He seemed to be enjoying the breeze.


Adult ospreys have yellow eyes, and the juveniles have red-orange eyes. So far every osprey I’ve seen has been a yellow-eyed adult.



One more shot of the osprey on the light pole.


I’m hoping to see some little osprey heads with red-orange eyes pop up over the edge of a nest one of these days!