Quiet day today. This mockingbird turned up on the wire out front, looking as if it’s growing in new feathers. Look how short the wing feathers are.


It seemed to be a rather intense mockingbird.


This is a different mockingbird, with a caterpillar or grub in its bill. There are lots of mockingbirds around, chasing each other, chasing other birds, perching high in trees and singing loudly, picking up insects, and so on.


One more of this mockingbird.


This one is the rare headless mockingbird. (Actually the bird had its head turned back sharply over its shoulder to the left, so the body blocks the head. The bright light washed out some of the chest.)


And last for today are some flowers I noticed when I went outside late last night. There were several of these yellow flowers, about 1 inch in diameter,  blooming in the yard. I don’t think I’ve seen these flowers in the daytime–I’ll have to look for them.