The good news is that I saw and photographed a baby osprey today! So I know for certain that there is at least one little osprey in the first nest. However, some of the pictures are not the greatest, due mainly to Max tugging on his leash while I was trying to focus and hold the camera steady.

Here’s the mother osprey on her nest. The baby is tucked under her left wing–on our right as we look at her. That may be part of the baby’s body or wing sticking out.


Mother osprey looking around.


And here’s the baby under her wing. You can see the pink tongue in its open mouth.


These last two are blurry (thanks, Max) but the baby is visible. Mom is checking on the baby here. The baby osprey has its mouth wide open and you can see its bill and tongue. It already has that dark osprey stripe on the side of its head.


One more blurry baby osprey. I’ll try again soon without Max along!