Max and More on Thursday

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I took Max outside today with the intention of taking a few photos of him. At first he wasn’t very interested.


But when I pulled a couple of dog treats out of my pocket, he brightened up and was suddenly ready to pose. Look at that smile–and those giant ears!


This is one of our screen door anoles, hanging around the plants near the back door. She’s a pretty female brown anole.


Closer look at the anole–she’s looking back at the camera.


We had a storm this afternoon, so there are raindrops on this gloriosa lily in the backyard. The lily looks a bit like a pinwheel from this viewpoint.


Another lily in the front yard.



Two for Tuesday

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I was out most of the day, so just two photos for today. Here’s a juvenile bluebird, mostly shades of brown. There may be a hint of blue developing in its wing.


And a familiar sight–one of our current back screen door anoles.


A Few for Monday

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A quiet day today and just a few photos. I see a lot of turkey vultures, but today was a day for black vultures. There were five or six of them circling in the sky. Black vultures have light silvery tips to their wings, and their heads are bare and gray/black, with none of the red coloring seen on turkey vulture faces.


Another black vulture.


A mourning dove in the backyard. We’ve been seeing lots of doves lately. Based on the blue/gray coloring on the head and the back of the neck, this one is probably a male.


This is far from my best dragonfly photo. But it probably is my best photo taken from in the house, through a window, of a dragonfly perched up on a wire overhead, with my 150-600mm lens.


Sunday Photos

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At the community college where I’ve been taking Max for walks. The baseball field (where osprey nest 2 is located) is in the distance on the right, where a bit of the score board is visible.


This little bird is a juvenile bluebird–it’s mostly brown now, with a little blue on its tail and back.


Flowering bush that Max and I pass on our walks.


This one looks like the juvenile starling that was harassing its parents for food in our yard. I recognize that wide-open mouth.


Kingbird sitting in the middle of a maze of branches.


And a couple of osprey shots, of course.


One more with wings spread wide.


Three for Saturday


This is the first osprey nest I discovered. I knew there was at least one baby osprey after getting a glimpse of it tucked down under its mother’s wing. Mother is up there as usual today, and if you look to the left….


Yes, it’s a baby osprey head poking up! You can just about see the orange eyes of the little one.


Mother osprey guarding her nest.


More Birds on Friday

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This Eastern Kingbird was perched in a pine tree near the first osprey nest, so it’s likely it’s one of the kingbirds that mobbed the nest last week.


The kingbird didn’t seem to mind the camera.


Osprey in flight–one of the pair of ospreys from the second nest.


This bird appears to have the “necklace” of brown spots and markings that often indicates a female, so it may be the mother bird.


The osprey was swooping and circling in the sky, and really seemed to be keeping a close eye on Max and me as it flew.


Geese and Ducks on Thursday

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Max and I saw a couple of goose families and a duck family today at the community college. When I drove into the parking lot we use, I saw shallow puddles here and there from the rain the other day. These puddles were less than an inch deep, but two goslings were enjoying just sitting in one of them. There was an adult goose nearby, supervising them.


A goose family with seven older goslings, strolling down the sidewalk together.


And that same family having a swim in the pond.


This mother duck had several ducklings. She found a wet area in the grass where the little ones could be in the water.


A few of the ducklings. They were all mixes of yellow and brown.


Mother duck walking off with her babies trying to paddle after her.



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