I went out in search of ospreys this morning without Max. I didn’t spot any babies but I did see three adult ospreys. At the first nest I saw one adult osprey. After a short time another osprey appeared and landed in the nest. The first osprey didn’t even turn to look as the other bird landed.


I researched ospreys and learned that the usual routine is that the male goes out in the morning in search of fish, which is what ospreys eat. He returns with fish, and the adults eat the fish and feed some to the babies. I didn’t see this osprey’s approach today–just the landing–so I don’t know if it brought a fish along.

I did see one of the adults picking at something in the nest after the other bird arrived, then leaning forward with food in its bill–it may have been feeding babies.


Osprey leaving the nest a few minutes later.


Osprey flying away.


But it didn’t go far–it perched on another light pole close to the nest.


It called  for a little while.


The osprey lost its footing in a breeze, and fluttered for a moment until it was steady again.


Osprey looking down out of the nest.