Max checking out the big rosemary plant. He often pokes around this plant hoping to find anoles to chase.


He must have gotten a bit of rosemary in his mouth–he doesn’t seem to like it.


A few more osprey photos from yesterday. I’ve been reading and learning more about ospreys, and one thing I wanted to find out more about was telling apart males and females. I learned that there’s not an absolutely foolproof way,  but that often the female has a “necklace” of brown spots and streaks around her neck, and that females are generally larger than males. The female usually spends more time in the nest. So the osprey I’ve been seeing mostly in the nest and which has a “necklace” is probably the female of this pair of ospreys.


Size comparison is harder since I haven’t seen them close together in similar positions. In this photo the one I believe is the female is sitting in the nest, while the other osprey flies out of the nest. The flying osprey looks larger to me here, but that may just be because of its spread wings and because the other osprey is partially hidden by the nest.


Here’s the (probably) female osprey with a bit of food in her bill–looks like it may be a bit of fish with bones.


Osprey talons. Ospreys catch fish by swooping down to the water and grabbing fish with their powerful talons.