This is one of my own original cloth dolls, made several years ago when I was doing a lot of cloth doll-making. I designed the patterns for the doll, his outfit (including shoes) and his backpack, and then sewed, stuffed, painted, and glued to get him assembled. I wanted a little boy on his first day of school, looking a little bit worried, and I was pleased with how he turned out. He’s about 24 inches tall. I call this doll “First Day”.


He’s made of cotton twill fabric, which I dyed myself to get the skin color I wanted. His face was done with colored pencils and paint. His hair is a curly black fiber that I glued to his head.


He’s wearing a short-sleeved collared shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes, and he’s carrying his backpack which is in bright primary colors.


I wired his hands, inserting wire in each finger, so that I could easily bend his fingers to have him holding onto his backpack strap.


The inside of his backpack is lined in a colorful crayon print.


One more look at this little fellow.