Max and I went out for a walk at the community college today, and of course we checked on the osprey nest by the softball field, the one where I’ve seen the most activity. The female osprey was sitting in the nest, babies out of sight. I checked every photo I took for a glimpse of a baby, but she had them tucked away safely in the nest. She looks fiercely protective here.


She was calling often, hoping her mate would return to the nest–maybe with some fish. She kept looking up into the sky.


Maybe he’s over that way.


Or way up there.


She also seemed to be keeping an eye on Max and me, watching us as we walked around near the nest.


The male osprey never did turn up while I was watching the nest, so after awhile I walked Max down to the nearby pond to look at the geese and ducks, and then back up past one of the college buildings. The building had a row of bushes along the side, and Max poked his head  into the bushes. Much to his and my surprise, a big duck ran out the bushes. It was a Muscovy duck with the distinctive red on its face near its bill, and it had beautiful iridescent feathers. Max (restrained by his leash) and the duck stood and looked at each other for minute or two. Then I urged Max on away from the duck, and when I looked back I saw the duck running back into the bushes.