Max and I went for another walk today. The male osprey was sitting on another light pole near the nest, keeping an eye on things.


Looking around.


He had his bill partially open most of the time. In this shot he looks as if he’s sticking out his tongue at me.


Back in the nest, the female osprey was sitting in her usual spot. If you look carefully under her wing on the right side of the photo, between the two branches sticking up, you can see a pink spot.


I cropped in on the pink spot, and it looked like a baby bird’s open bill with a little tongue sticking out.


I searched through my other shots of mama osprey in this position, and found one where the baby’s eyes could be seen. Look on either side of the branch sticking up by the pink mouth, and you can see two eyes.



I’m enjoying watching the ospreys, but photography is a definitely a challenge. The ospreys are way up on top of  tall light poles, and even with my zoom lens I have to crop in on the big adult birds. I’m eager for the babies to grow bigger so they’re easier to see and photograph.