A few years ago I got interested in Asian ball-jointed dolls. These dolls are made of resin with multiple body joints, and come in all sizes from tiny dolls just a few inches tall to large dolls over two feet tall. Collectors of these dolls enjoy customizing them by changing the eyes, wigs, and face paint, and finding or creating outfits for them. I got a few of these dolls at that time, but they’ve mostly been sitting on a bookshelf since then.

Today I came across some photos of one of them taken when he first arrived. He is from the Fairyland doll company in Korea, and his name is Shiwoo (which I changed to Jesse). He’s about 16 1/2 inches tall. His jeans and shoes were purchased to fit him, and I made his shirt.


I gave him dark blue eyes and I made him a black wig with a blue streak.


There are many Asian ball-jointed doll companies, and each company makes many different dolls. I chose Jesse because I liked his sweet face.


His shirt has double sleeves and an iron-on design. I’d almost forgotten about this shirt, but I think I’m going to find it and put it back on him.