Things didn’t look promising for a baby osprey sighting at the first nest today. The female osprey was sitting up with her wings slightly open, but no sign of babies around her.


I went on over to the second nest which is in a different area of the community college campus, on top of a tall light pole like the first nest. At first it looked a lot like the first nest–a single adult bird in sight which I┬áthink was a female also. But wait–what are those pointy bits poking out to the right of her leg?


It was the open bill of a young bird under/beside her.


Baby ospreys have orange eyes which turn yellow as they mature. You can see one of the orange eyes on this little one, partially blocked by a stick.


A better look at the baby’s face and orange eye. The shadows from the mother’s body make it look a bit darker, almost red.


Mother osprey and her little one. There may have been more than one baby in the huge nest, but this was the only one I spotted.


One more of the osprey and her baby.