An osprey update today: the juvenile osprey in the first nest appears to be thriving. When I first spotted it in the nest, I didn’t see either parent and the young bird was moving around and calling noisily.


Lots of noise from the young osprey.


Until suddenly mother’s head popped up. She gave the juvenile bird a look, and the young bird had the same expression as a reprimanded child. You can see the color difference in their eyes here–the mother osprey has light yellow eyes, while the juvenile has orange eyes.


The two ospreys looking around. Mother osprey seems to be watching the camera.


One more of the ospreys. Mother’s “necklace” of brownish streaks and splotches is visible here, an indication that she’s a female. The young bird has some brownish smudges on its chest but nothing distinct. It could be either a male or a female.