I’m back again, and hoping to keep up better with things here. I’m still dealing with family medical problems and doing a lot of caregiving, but it’s settling down.

I took photos when I had a chance over the past few weeks, and here’s an assortment of those photos.

Max, first of all, looking very happy in his sparkly red harness which he really loves to wear. He was playing with his newest toy, a lobster.


Max likes to play rough with his toys and he goes through them fairly quickly. But this lobster is tough–Max has had it over a week and it’s still intact.


Out of our four lavender plants only one remains–the other three died. The remaining plants seems to be thriving so far. It’s full of buds and tiny blooms opening.


Lavender flowers on the way.


There are lots of baby anoles around lately, and many of them seem to like the basil pots. Here’s a little one perched on a basil leaf.


Another baby anole, a little female, on the fence.


I held my hand near the fence and the tiny anole jumped onto the base of my thumb. Older anoles are generally more wary and quick to run away, but babies will sometimes do this.


She walked across my hand before jumping back over to the fence.


Last for today is a Swallow-tailed kite sailing by overhead.