A pretty little skipper butterfly–not sure which kind of skipper–in yellow lantana flowers.


Gulf Fritillary butterfly.


On its way to becoming a butterfly is this tiny Black Swallowtail caterpillar on a parsley plant. I saw a swallowtail leaving eggs in the parsley yesterday, but it’s impossible for any of those eggs to have hatched already. So the butterflies must have visited the parsley before to lay other eggs.


Another tiny caterpillar–only about a half inch long–finishing up a parsley leaf. I only saw two of these caterpillars today.


I noticed a June bug on one of the basil plants today, and I wondered what it was doing there. They’re not interested in the basil flowers that the bees love.


But then along came another June bug, attracted by the first one.


The June bugs mated, with the female–the first June bug I spotted, hanging onto the basil plant and supporting the weight of both of them.


Eventually they went their separate ways.