An assortment today, starting with this little skipper butterfly on a basil plant. One pair of its wings is lifted up vertically, and the other pair is flat and horizontal.


A baby anole was out on a basil plant also. I’ve been surprised to see so many little ones climbing around in the basil plants this year. We have more basil than usual and the plants are in larger pots, both of which may be making a difference.


Big guy on the fence. This is the current guy in charge of the area near the gate. He seems to be used to seeing me and will just calmly sit and watch me when I approach with the camera.


Raindrops on the cedar vine on the fence.


A pair of black swallowtail butterflies.


And another swallowtail, the one I identified the other day as a King Swallowtail. There is an almost identical butterfly called the Giant Swallowtail, and now I’m not sure which this one is.


One more of the King or Giant Swallowtail.