The big guy just hanging out on the fence. He’s looking up and planning his next move.


And there he goes.


Up on top of the gate he showed off for me–doing push-ups and a dewlap display, making sure I knew he was in charge of this territory.


Caterpillars continue to grow and to eat parsley. They are all on the smaller one of our two plants, and by now they’ve eaten quite a bit of parsley. I supplemented with some parsley sprigs picked from the other plant and some fresh parsley from the store. I think the dark item behind the caterpillar on the bottom is a shed skin.


There were two caterpillars that were bigger than the others. Here’s one of them, but the other had disappeared this morning.


But later on I spotted it–it had crawled off to find a good spot to turn into a butterfly. You can see the silk strands supporting the caterpillar’s body.


Late this afternoon the chrysalis had developed to this point.