No swallowtails emerging from chrysalises today–though one chrysalis seemed to be moving slightly this evening. However, I did see a new butterfly today, one I don’t remember ever seeing before.


This butterfly was black/dark brown (depending on how the sun was hitting it) with pale stripes. It also had reddish orange spots on the underside of its wings near its body. I looked it up and learned that it is a Zebra Longwing.


You can see how the Zebra Longwing got its name. Those wings are long!


I also learned that the Zebra Longwing is the state butterfly of Florida. I’ve lived here a long time but I never knew it was our state butterfly! I don’t think I’ve even heard of it before.


An interesting thing I noticed when looking closely is that this butterfly seems to have spotted eyes.


One more of the Zebra Longwing.