Two more Swallowtail butterflies appeared today. The first one unfortunately had a damaged wing, with the lower wing mostly missing on one side. It didn’t seem likely that it would be able to fly. It was quite willing to walk onto my finger and I moved it over to the lavender plant in the sunshine. I left it there for awhile, and then I moved it to the yellow lantana flowers that butterflies seem to love. The butterfly fluttered and stretched its wings, still not really flying, but it did climb around on the flowers.


I went back outside a little later and spotted the second butterfly. This one looked perfectly healthy, stretching and moving its wings for a few minutes before taking off.


Nearby I saw one of the chrysalises hanging open and empty–probably the one that this butterfly had just left.


There’s another very odd chrysalis–a light green one. At first I thought it was just a new chrysalis that would darken with time, but it’s stayed the same color for days. I’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this chrysalis.


Tiny baby anole sitting on the edge of the raised planter. This was taken through the glass door so it’s not ideal.


A moment later a fly landed near the baby anole, giving a bit of perspective to the little anole’s size.