More Birds on Saturday

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A few birds on this Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed the dinner and the day.

A mockingbird–always around somewhere in the yard.


This little one has been very common in the yard lately–a Ground-dove. It’s only 6 1/2 inches long, compared to the mockingbird’s 10 inch length.


Turkey vulture flying overhead.


And the turkey vulture again, this time with a small warbler flying nearby. (The little bird is blurry but has yellow coloring, which makes me think it’s some sort of warbler.)


And last for today is a Palm Warbler walking around in the backyard.



Two for Saturday

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Two for today. When I went outside this afternoon and looked up at the sky, I saw this giant white X made by airplane vapor trails.


And later on, the sun going down behind these trees.


Birds on Friday

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It’s been a hectic week here, with multiple appointments and errands. But I did get some bird photos over the past few days.

This one is a Chipping Sparrow, one of a small flock of birds that passed through.


And here’s one of our bluebirds.


A turkey vulture soaring overhead.


At the top of a power pole I spotted this Red-Bellied Woodpecker.


One more of the woodpecker.


A Mourning Dove. We’ve had lots of Mourning Doves around lately, and lots of little Ground Doves too. They are often in the yard together in mixed groups.


A pine cone growing in a tall pine tree.





Fall Colors on Friday

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I missed a couple of days again, but I’m trying to keep up as well as I can! It was a nice fall day today, sunny and a bit cool, with some colorful leaves in the one tree that has leaves that actually turn colors.


Pine trees drop some needles, and live oak tree leaves turn dark red later in the fall. But right now, this is the only tree full of fall colors that we have. (It’s not actually in our yard, but next to the fence in a neighbor’s yard, and some branches do overhang our yard.)


The berries on this tree will provide food for many birds during the winter and into next spring. I’ve seen mockingbirds, warblers, cedar waxwings, robins, starlings, and many more picking berries in these branches.



Anole on the Fence on Tuesday

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The big guy was sitting upright on the fence again this afternoon.


Looks like he’s leaning on his elbow here as he surveys his territory.


This anole has no concern about me or the camera–he just sits there and watches whatever’s going on. The discoloration on his jaw is fading away, so maybe the injury is healing up.




Butterflies on Saturday

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With the chilly weather lately I wasn’t expecting to see more butterflies. But today there were two in the backyard. This one is a Long-tailed Skipper, busy in the remaining flowers on the lantana bush.


Closer look at the Long-tailed Skipper.


Lantana berries on the lantana bush.


And this one is a Gulf Fritillary that found the flowers on the lavender plant. The lavender plant is actually looking better now than it did in the heat of summer–fall weather seems to suit it more.


Another shot of the Gulf Fritillary on the lavender plant.


My favorite photo of the butterfly in the lavender.



Max and a Stick on Friday

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Max picked up a stick in the yard and settled down with it. He kept watching me as if he thought I might stop him.



But the stick wasn’t very tasty, it seemed.


And after another try, he was finished with it.



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