About the Anoles

You’ll see lots of anole photos on my blog because I love anoles–the small lizards that live in my yard here in northeast Florida. They amaze me with the things they do–such as leaping off the top of a 6-foot fence to catch a butterfly in mid-air on the way down! They show surprising intelligence and reasoning ability in their everyday activities. Newly hatched baby anoles are incredibly tiny, only about an inch and a half long, but are already able to run, climb, and catch little bugs.

Green anoles are the native species, but they are seen less often as the invasive brown anoles take over some of their territory. Brown anoles are everywhere here–on fences, on the ground, on plants and trees, on walls and windows. They are so common that people generally don’t even notice them. I didn’t really pay much attention to them myself until I started photographing them in 2008. That led me to researching them to learn more about them, and I ended up writing a book about brown anoles illustrated with my photos. I published “Lizards on the Fence” at Blurb.com.

I learn more about anoles all the time through observation and reading, and I continue to enjoy watching and photographing them in my yard.


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