Frog on Thursday

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I saw a tiny Green Tree Frog today–the only one I’ve seen this year! We used to have lots of them, especially in the bushes in the front yard, and I’ve missed seeing them around. This little frog was perched on the mailbox when I first spotted it, but it quickly hopped over near the window. It was not much over a half inch in length.


After a couple of minutes the frog moved onto the window screen.


One more of the tiny frog, looking around from its position on the screen. After this photo it jumped off the screen into the bushes near the window.




Sunday Photos

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It was sunny this morning when Max and I spotted this squirrel running down a tree. Many of  the leaves on this tree seem to have died.


I happened to look up as I walked under a tree and saw a huge spider web a few feet above me, spread from one tree to another. In the middle was a medium size spider, silhouetted against the sky along with some small insects caught in the web.


I thought I knew what kind of spider it was. I brightened up one photo enough to see some details, and found that I was correct–it was a Spiny-backed Orb Weaver, a harmless spider I’ve seen often around the yard.


In the afternoon a storm came through. The sky in the west behind these pine trees grew darker very quickly.


A downpour followed. This is a view across the street, rain falling on branches that had come down during Hurricane Irma. Clean up from that storm is still going on.



Saturday Photos

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Palm frond in the sunshine.


Looking up into the palm trees.


Gloriosa lily buds.


The curl at the tip of a gloriosa lily leaf. The tip curls around whatever it touches, clinging as the plant grows taller. This leaf has a thread of something attached to it–maybe part of a tiny spider web.


One of my favorite warm weather sights–a tiny baby anole. I’ve only seen a few babies so far this year. This little anole had its eyes shut as I took the photo.


Baby anole climbing on the fence.



Tiny Toads on Thursday

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We suddenly have tiny toads hopping everywhere in the yard. All the rain we’ve had lately may have had something to do with their appearance! The toads are so small that when I first saw one, I thought it was an insect or spider. I scooped up a couple of them and took a few photos.

Two tiny toads near the end of a ruler. The bigger toad is probably 1/2 inch long; the smaller one maybe around 1/3 of an inch.


The two toads by the ruler again. The white specks on them are grains of sand from the area where I found them.


Tiny toad with a penny.


Squirrels on Monday

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Lots of squirrels in the yard today–I saw as many as four at a time. They were chasing each other, running along the fence, and climbing trees. This squirrel is heading up a palm tree.


It was going up toward another squirrel overhead, which was looking down toward the first squirrel.


Squirrel looking down from the palm tree trunk.


This squirrel perched up in the palm tree to enjoy a snack.


Another squirrel in a palm tree.


Squirrel coming down the tree.


After the Rain on Wednesday

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More rain today, very heavy at times, but we do need it. After it stopped I went out with Max and the camera, and the first thing I spotted was this Mourning Dove up in a tree. It seemed to be grooming itself after the storm.


Mourning Dove, looking a little better.


One more of the dove.


Nearby a squirrel was running up a tree branch, but it froze when it saw me.


It was motionless for a couple of minutes.


And then it turned to look around before going on up the branch.


Raindrops on branches and vines.


Raindrops on a leaf.


Two for Sunday

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Just two for this busy day.

Lantana flowers in the backyard. When I was a little girl, my Easter bonnets were almost always decorated with artificial flowers that looked just like these, though the colors were more pastel. I had never seen lantana, which I guess didn’t grow up in New England, so I assumed they were a make-believe kind of flower. I was very surprised to discover lantana flowers when we moved to Florida.


Squirrel on the fence. I really think they tease Max, catching his attention and then racing along the fence and leaping into a tree.


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