Anole on the Fence on Tuesday

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The big guy was sitting upright on the fence again this afternoon.


Looks like he’s leaning on his elbow here as he surveys his territory.


This anole has no concern about me or the camera–he just sits there and watches whatever’s going on. The discoloration on his jaw is fading away, so maybe the injury is healing up.





Three Anoles for Wednesday

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I’ve missed posting for a couple of days due to family medical issues and associated medical appointments (three of those just in the past two days). But I’m back today with three anoles.

I thought at first that this was the big male that likes to sit upright on the fence–he was in the same area of the fence, and has similar coloring and size. No jaw injury on this one though.


A young female anole with a red head and pretty markings.



And this one was posing on the fence, with a leaf draped over the anole and red flower buds to the right.


Saturday Photos

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The big male anole was sitting upright on the fence as usual today.


It was harder to see the markings on his eyelid today.


One more of the big anole. Looks like he’s enjoying the sun here.


Squirrel in a tree.


And here’s a glimpse of the squirrel’s face after it had turned around and moved up the tree trunk a bit.


A Few for Tuesday

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The big male anole sitting upright on the fence. He still has that injured area on his jaw which I’m hoping will heal. I can almost make out the “tattoo” over his eye–it certainly looks like those could be letters.


Closer look at the anole’s face. His eyelid “tattoo” might be BBA–maybe he’s a member of the Big Bad Anoles gang!


Here’s another big male anole, the boss of the gate area. He sits quietly and calmly when I approach him.


If I talk to him he’ll sometimes roll an eye at me.


Last for today are some lavender flowers still blooming on our remaining lavender plant.


Sunday Photos

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I missed a couple of days, but I did get outside with the camera today for a few photos.

Where we live in northeast Florida we don’t really have a colorful fall season. Oak leaves do turn red, but that happens later, around Thanksgiving time. We don’t have an oak tree in our yard anyway–just a few in sight in neighbors’ yards. Right now our one tree that has leaves that turn colors is dropping them into the yard, so we have spots of yellow, orange, and red scattered here and there.


Our summer basil plants faded and died off, but they left loads of basil seeds in the soil. Many of the seeds sprouted and lots of little basil plants popped up. I took a couple of them and put them in fresh soil in a small pot, and I’ll see if I can get them through the winter.


My anole buddy up on the fence. He’s not in his upright position today, but it’s the same big guy looking down at me.


Here you can see the injured spot on the right side of his jaw (on the left in the photo). I think it looks a little better–I hope it’s healing.



Three for Monday

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More bluebirds today. This one looked as if it were enjoying the sunshine.


This is the anole that likes to sit upright on the fence. He’s out there almost every day.


This big male anole has been the boss of the territory around the gate for quite awhile, and he’s very used to seeing me by now.


A Few for Thursday


I missed a couple of days while we were busy with appointments and other things, but I’m back today with a sparkling dragonfly perched in the sun.


Side view of the same dragonfly, with a bit more of its head and body showing.


Lantana flowers growing on the fence.


And here’s the anole who likes to sit upright, leaning on the fence.


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