Three Anoles for Wednesday

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I’ve missed posting for a couple of days due to family medical issues and associated medical appointments (three of those just in the past two days). But I’m back today with three anoles.

I thought at first that this was the big male that likes to sit upright on the fence–he was in the same area of the fence, and has similar coloring and size. No jaw injury on this one though.


A young female anole with a red head and pretty markings.



And this one was posing on the fence, with a leaf draped over the anole and red flower buds to the right.



A Few for Tuesday

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The big male anole sitting upright on the fence. He still has that injured area on his jaw which I’m hoping will heal. I can almost make out the “tattoo” over his eye–it certainly looks like those could be letters.


Closer look at the anole’s face. His eyelid “tattoo” might be BBA–maybe he’s a member of the Big Bad Anoles gang!


Here’s another big male anole, the boss of the gate area. He sits quietly and calmly when I approach him.


If I talk to him he’ll sometimes roll an eye at me.


Last for today are some lavender flowers still blooming on our remaining lavender plant.


Three for Monday

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More bluebirds today. This one looked as if it were enjoying the sunshine.


This is the anole that likes to sit upright on the fence. He’s out there almost every day.


This big male anole has been the boss of the territory around the gate for quite awhile, and he’s very used to seeing me by now.


Screen Door Anole

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We usually have one or two screen door anoles, whose territory seems to be the sliding screen door in the back of the house. Right now we have one female anole who’s out there almost all the time.


She’s pretty large for a female. She seems to really like the screen door with its view of the surrounding area–she keeps an eye on other anoles nearby as well as any insects that might look appetizing.


Anoles on Tuesday

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It was a dull, cloudy gray day today, and that dull gray look seemed to take over almost all my photos. I decided to walk around the yard and photograph anoles, especially anoles on the fences. The first one I saw was the big guy in charge of the gate area, dangling upside down on the gate.


This anole was on the fence at the side of the house. Camera settings were off, so between the weather and the camera, photos are not the best.


This anole was posing under a broken vine–a result of the hurricane.


Another anole looking around from the fence top.


This anole was on the fence near the big lantana bush that attracts all the butterflies. The anole may have been considering making a leap to try to catch a butterfly.


A spot of color in today’s photos: the bright dewlap display from this big male anole. He lives over on the side of the house and I’ve often seen him in this spot on the fence.


I love this little head poking up through the leaves on the fence.


In spite of the grainy look and other faults in this photo, I like the anole’s pose: upright with his “hands” palms down on the fence, surveying things with a stern expression.


Last for today is this baby on the gate. I’d worked my way around the yard and back to my starting point.




Anoles and More on Wednesday

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It was bright and sunny today, two days after the hurricane went through. Everything’s pretty much back to normal here. There were lots of anoles around today enjoying the sunshine.

These two were on the back screen door. The big male on the right was pursuing the female on the left, following her around on the screen. She wasn’t impressed and after awhile she ran away.


A baby anole sitting on a concrete block.


I often lean sticks or branches against the fence for the anoles to climb and sit on. This young anole was perched at the top of this branch, watching what was going on below.


Anole climbing through the cedar vine on the fence. She seems to be a female, and something seems to be bothering her–it’s hard to tell for sure through the vines, but she may have her dewlap extended.


One more anole for today. This one was posing on a palm tree late this afternoon.


Lantana flowers.


Rosemary branch.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done sun stars!


A fiery sunset this evening.


Back on Friday


I’ve been busy for the past couple of days with dental surgery and preparations for Hurricane Irma–not a great combination! But things are going better now. We’re expecting Irma to pass us here in northeast Florida late Sunday night/early Monday morning. We are not in an evacuation zone so we’re staying home. We usually lose power during these storms–sometimes for hours, sometimes for days–but otherwise come through all right, so I hope we’ll be lucky this time too.

Here are a few pre-hurricane photos from today. First, a Gulf Fritillary butterfly in the lavender flowers. There were about a dozen of these butterflies in the yard this morning, all gone by afternoon. Maybe they were migrating away from the coming storm.


Max looking up into the palm tree he’s been working on. He loves to pull on the loose frond bases. Eventually we’ll get some tree people to come and clean it up.


Max and his palm tree.


Cicada shell on the palm tree.


Baby anole on the fence. The anoles in general seem to come through these storms pretty well–I usually see them reappearing on the fences soon after it clears up. This is a tiny anole though, so I hope it’s a lucky little one!


Another anole on a basil pot. Nice red/orange coloring on this one.




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