Sunday Photos

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I missed a few days while dealing with family medical issues, but things are improving here.

Another bumblebee in the basil flowers.


Anole on the fence, looking at me through some wires. This anole is familiar enough with me now to just sit calmly and watch me–strange anoles are more apt to quickly run away.


A gloriosa lily at the end of its blooming, caught in a ray of sunlight against the back fence.


Taken from across the yard, through the back door–a hummingbird approaching a lily.


This is a Marine Blue butterfly–a tiny butterfly no bigger than the bumblebee. It was busy in the basil flowers today.


A Few for Tuesday

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Mockingbird on a wire out front, carrying what looks like a small grub.


Mockingbird with the grub.


And after its meal, the mockingbird prepared to depart.


Max in the backyard with a toy.




Bluebird on Friday

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A small bird on a wire–the blue coloring coming in on its tail and wings give its identity away.


It’s a bluebird, probably a juvenile.


Bluebird looking to the right.


The bluebird turned toward the camera.


Killdeer on Tuesday

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A few shots of a Killdeer performing its broken wing display. This bird puts on an act to distract predators, acting injured and appearing to be easy prey. The predator leaves the nest and babies alone, and pursues the “injured” bird. In this case the Killdeer perceived me as a predator and was trying to lead me away from the young birds.

The rusty tail is spread wide here, with wings held up.


Left wing pulled in and leaning to the right.Killdeer20170610_236

Shifting position a little.


Almost flat in the grass here.


We had a medical emergency here last Tuesday evening. My husband was ill and I had to take him to the emergency room, where we ended up spending most of the night. He was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for a few days until he was doing better. He’s home now but still needs assistance. So my photography time is more limited right now, and I’m glad to have some photos on hand that I haven’t posted yet–like these Killdeer pictures. (I did post one “broken wing” Killdeer picture a week or two ago, but it wasn’t one of these.)

A Few for Monday

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The juvenile ospreys have left their nests, and the nests are currently empty, with no ospreys hanging around. Here’s one of my last sightings of the young osprey in the first nest, poking its head up from the huge pile of branches on the light pole.


This is an adult osprey with yellow eyes, sitting by itself on another utility pole–maybe enjoying its freedom from the responsibilities of raising its young.


The osprey noticed me and camera.


I haven’t seen anymore Killdeer babies, but here’s an adult.


Two for Sunday

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Just two for today–the Brown Thrasher that Max and I saw while out for a walk. The bit of fluff showing on its back on the left makes me wonder if it’s a young bird.


The thrasher is looking more intense in this photo!



A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few for today. Here is a pair of little Ground-doves sitting on a wire, with palm fronds in the background. These tiny doves are much smaller than the more common Mourning Doves.


A Brown Thrasher. I’ve seen Brown Thrashers several times before, but not very often, so I always enjoy spotting one. I like the rusty brown color and the streaked breast and abdomen.


A goose standing by itself, gazing off into the distance.



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