Bluebird on Thursday

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A little bluebird was on the wire out front again today. The orange color of the breast is just beginning to show through the grayish feathers. This looks like a young bird growing into its mature coloring.


Stretching up to take a good look around.


And a look down below.


A rear view. Blue feathers are growing in on the wings and tail.


One more of the bluebird.




A Few for Tuesday

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Hurricane Irma is gone and today things are getting back to normal. Stores in our area reopened today, so I picked up groceries to replace some food and milk we lost in the refrigerator when the power was out. Max and I did a little work in the backyard picking up the small branches that had fallen. Max has been considering them toys that dropped from the trees, so he wasn’t much help in cleaning up.

Anoles were everywhere–on the fences, in the basil pots, in the grass. This pretty little female was sitting on a basil pot.


Butterflies were back too, busy in the flowers again. This one is a Long-tailed Skipper.


Another bluebird was on the wire out front, looking for insects here.


One more of the little bluebird.


Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma is here, and from tonight into early afternoon tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of the storm for us here in northeast Florida. We are fortunate to live in a zone D area on the A-F flood probability scale, with A most likely to flood and F least likely. We did not have a mandatory evacuation for our area, though all of the A and B zones did have to evacuate.

It’s windy and rainy now, as predicted for tonight, and we’re just riding it out (or hunkering down, as they always say during hurricanes here). No problems so far. The power is still on and it would be wonderful if we don’t lose our power tonight. Last year our electricity was out for a week after Hurricane Matthew went through. Here are a few photos from today.

Wind and rain in the backyard.


More wind.


During hurricanes frogs often just appear on our sliding glass back door. Max was fascinated when this one showed up.


Little bluebird looking for bugs this morning before the storm really moved in.


We have plenty of supplies–food, water, batteries, flashlights and battery-powered lanterns, a propane stove and a charcoal grill, and the rest of the things they always tell us to stock up on when a hurricane is coming. So we’re as ready as we can be for this storm. If the power stays on I’ll check back in tomorrow.


Birds on Tuesday

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I saw lots of birds today–mockingbirds of course, a family of cardinals, a hummingbird visiting the basil flowers, mourning doves, and more. I only got photos of two of them. The first was this Cooper’s Hawk sitting in the rain.


Looking back over its shoulder here. I don’t see Cooper’s hawks often, but they do live in our area and every once in awhile I’ll spot one.


One more of the hawk.


This is a juvenile bluebird, mostly softly colored at this point. You can see a bit of bluebird blue developing on the wings.


This little bird was sitting on a wire, watching the ground for bugs.


One more of the young bluebird.



Woodpecker on Saturday

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When I looked over into my neighbor’s yard today I saw a spot of red above black and white stripes in her palm tree.


It was a Red-bellied Woodpecker–a fairly common woodpecker around here. The amount of red on its head indicated that it was a male.


Woodpecker inspecting the tree.


One more of the woodpecker.


Sunday Photos


I missed a few days while dealing with family medical issues, but things are improving here.

Another bumblebee in the basil flowers.


Anole on the fence, looking at me through some wires. This anole is familiar enough with me now to just sit calmly and watch me–strange anoles are more apt to quickly run away.


A gloriosa lily at the end of its blooming, caught in a ray of sunlight against the back fence.


Taken from across the yard, through the back door–a hummingbird approaching a lily.


This is a Marine Blue butterfly–a tiny butterfly no bigger than the bumblebee. It was busy in the basil flowers today.


A Few for Tuesday

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Mockingbird on a wire out front, carrying what looks like a small grub.


Mockingbird with the grub.


And after its meal, the mockingbird prepared to depart.


Max in the backyard with a toy.




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