More Birds on Saturday

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A few birds on this Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had a good Thanksgiving and enjoyed the dinner and the day.

A mockingbird–always around somewhere in the yard.


This little one has been very common in the yard lately–a Ground-dove. It’s only 6 1/2 inches long, compared to the mockingbird’s 10 inch length.


Turkey vulture flying overhead.


And the turkey vulture again, this time with a small warbler flying nearby. (The little bird is blurry but has yellow coloring, which makes me think it’s some sort of warbler.)


And last for today is a Palm Warbler walking around in the backyard.



Birds on Friday

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It’s been a hectic week here, with multiple appointments and errands. But I did get some bird photos over the past few days.

This one is a Chipping Sparrow, one of a small flock of birds that passed through.


And here’s one of our bluebirds.


A turkey vulture soaring overhead.


At the top of a power pole I spotted this Red-Bellied Woodpecker.


One more of the woodpecker.


A Mourning Dove. We’ve had lots of Mourning Doves around lately, and lots of little Ground Doves too. They are often in the yard together in mixed groups.


A pine cone growing in a tall pine tree.





Three for Friday

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When I looked out the back door on this chilly morning, there was a bumblebee busy in the lavender plant.


I haven’t seen any bees in the flowers for awhile, so it was nice to see this bee visiting.


The bluebirds are finally starting to look like bluebirds again–they’ve gotten past the stages of juvenile plumage and growing in new feathers.



Eastern Phoebe on Wednesday

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I spotted an Eastern Phoebe on the fence today–a pretty little bird that I see in the yard every now and then. This phoebe was on the fence in a back corner of the yard, so I was farther away than I wanted to be with these shots and I definitely lost some sharpness. When I tried to slowly move a little closer, the bird flew away.


The phoebe is a small bird, only about 7 inches long.



It likes to perch on fences, branches, and wires as it watches for insects.


I always enjoy seeing phoebes in the yard.


Three for Monday

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More bluebirds today. This one looked as if it were enjoying the sunshine.


This is the anole that likes to sit upright on the fence. He’s out there almost every day.


This big male anole has been the boss of the territory around the gate for quite awhile, and he’s very used to seeing me by now.


Bluebirds on Sunday

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We’ve had bluebirds visiting the yard for months now, flying in from the trees across the street to perch on the wires over our front yard. This one is probably a female, with the grayish coloring instead of the male’s bright blue, and the soft orange/tan on her breast.


This one is a young bird I think, still growing into its feathers. With that brighter blue starting to show it may be a young male.


Bluebird looking around.


One more of the young bluebird.


Mourning Dove on Saturday

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A few Mourning Doves have turned up lately, after a month or so when I seldom saw them in the yard. This dove was standing calmly on the ramp to the shed, and didn’t seem to mind me or the camera at all.


It turned to look at me a few times.


Closer look at the dove.


I think this may be a juvenile dove because the dark markings on the wings are not as fully distinct as they would be in an adult. There are also light-colored edges on the feathers, which may still be growing in. In the close-up above the dove looks as if it had lacy frills on its throat!


Dove turning to look toward me again.


And now it’s leaving.


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