Birds on Tuesday

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I saw lots of birds today–mockingbirds of course, a family of cardinals, a hummingbird visiting the basil flowers, mourning doves, and more. I only got photos of two of them. The first was this Cooper’s Hawk sitting in the rain.


Looking back over its shoulder here. I don’t see Cooper’s hawks often, but they do live in our area and every once in awhile I’ll spot one.


One more of the hawk.


This is a juvenile bluebird, mostly softly colored at this point. You can see a bit of bluebird blue developing on the wings.


This little bird was sitting on a wire, watching the ground for bugs.


One more of the young bluebird.



Bluebird on Friday

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A small bird on a wire–the blue coloring coming in on its tail and wings give its identity away.


It’s a bluebird, probably a juvenile.


Bluebird looking to the right.


The bluebird turned toward the camera.


Two for Tuesday

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I was out most of the day, so just two photos for today. Here’s a juvenile bluebird, mostly shades of brown. There may be a hint of blue developing in its wing.


And a familiar sight–one of our current back screen door anoles.


Sunday Photos

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At the community college where I’ve been taking Max for walks. The baseball field (where osprey nest 2 is located) is in the distance on the right, where a bit of the score board is visible.


This little bird is a juvenile bluebird–it’s mostly brown now, with a little blue on its tail and back.


Flowering bush that Max and I pass on our walks.


This one looks like the juvenile starling that was harassing its parents for food in our yard. I recognize that wide-open mouth.


Kingbird sitting in the middle of a maze of branches.


And a couple of osprey shots, of course.


One more with wings spread wide.


Anole and Bluebirds

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A brown anole first today–a big fellow on the side fence, putting on a dewlap display.


There are still lots of bluebirds around and I see them almost every day. Today a female bluebird showed up first–a very softly colored, drab little bird. Her blue is more of a gray, and her chest is a light orange/yellow.


Another shot of the female bluebird.


A little while later a male bluebird came along. Even though the light and background were different for the male, you can still see the deeper, richer colors of the male.



Birds on Monday and Tuesday

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An electrical blip late Monday night prevented a Monday night post, so here are some birds from Monday and Tuesday.

There were two little warblers in the backyard on Monday. This one is a Palm Warbler, showing off two of its defining characteristics: it bobs its tail up and down, and underside of the rear of its body is a rich yellow.


And this one is a Yellow-rumped Warbler, the kind of warbler I see most often. It has spots of yellow on its sides and on the top of the rear of its body–you can see just a bit of that last spot under the rear edge of its wing.


A bluebird the second before it left the wire for a bug in the grass.


Yes, there are still ospreys in the first osprey nest. I saw the spikey feathers sticking up first.


And then, when the bird turned its head, I could see the osprey profile.


Olympics and a Bluebird

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Today was the county Special Olympics competition for the school district where I used to teach a high school special education class before I retired. I enjoy going to this event each year–I get to see many of my former students and their parents, and it’s fun to watch them compete and win awards. Special Olympics is a life-long program with competition for all ages, so I saw some former students who are now in their 30’s and 40’s! It’s also nice to be just a spectator for a change after years of working on the organizing committee.

The athletes are usually happy with any ribbon they win, but they’re especially proud of  earning a first place blue ribbon. Here’s an athlete receiving a blue ribbon.


And wearing the blue ribbon.


Back at home, a male bluebird arrived in the yard today. His blue coloring was vivid, unlike the subdued soft colors of the female.


Bluebird taking a look down below.


And the bluebird against a blue sky.


Last for today is a Mourning dove sitting in a tree.


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