Butterflies on Saturday

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With the chilly weather lately I wasn’t expecting to see more butterflies. But today there were two in the backyard. This one is a Long-tailed Skipper, busy in the remaining flowers on the lantana bush.


Closer look at the Long-tailed Skipper.


Lantana berries on the lantana bush.


And this one is a Gulf Fritillary that found the flowers on the lavender plant. The lavender plant is actually looking better now than it did in the heat of summer–fall weather seems to suit it more.


Another shot of the Gulf Fritillary on the lavender plant.


My favorite photo of the butterfly in the lavender.




Monarch Butterfly on Thursday

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There was a single butterfly in our backyard this afternoon, visiting tiny wildflowers in the grass. It was mostly orange, and my first thoughts were the Gulf Fritillary and the Painted Lady that were around so often through the summer and early fall.


When I got closer I saw it wasn’t either of those butterflies–it was a Monarch, the first Monarch Butterfly I’ve seen this year.


There are several generations of Monarchs each year, starting in the spring. The first few generations have short lives of 2 to 6 weeks. But the last generation in September-October migrates south to a warm winter climate, lives through the winter, and migrates back the following spring.


This butterfly was by itself, not with a group of other butterflies, and I don’t know if it’s on its way south, though I’d like to think so.



A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few for today. Here and there we’re getting a fall leaf dropping in the backyard–spots of red, orange, yellow, and brown in the grass.


A Long-tailed Skipper, one of the few butterflies still hanging around, visiting the lantana flowers.


A pretty little juvenile female anole–red head and nice markings on her back.


And here’s Max, looking like a very serious guard dog on duty.


Painted Lady

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I looked out the back door today and saw a Painted Lady butterfly busy in the lavender flowers. I’ve only seen this pretty butterfly a few times, so it was a surprise to see it there.


Like many of the butterflies lately, the wings on this Painted Lady are worn. Fall is here and cooler weather is coming.


The butterfly landed on flowers hanging over the edges of the lavender pot.



One more of the Painted Lady.





A Few for Sunday

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Just a few for today. This Tiger Swallowtail is looking worn, with damaged wings.


That didn’t stop it from enjoying the flowers.


Crescent moon tonight.


A Few for Wednesday

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Busy day today with just a few photos.

Gulf Fritillary butterfly on the lantana bush.


Same butterfly a moment later, with its wings raised and the underside showing. I like the white spots on the underside of the wings.


One more of the Gulf Fritillary.


A baby anole on the fence. This was a very tiny anole and I was surprised it had climbed all the way to the top of the gate. The very young babies usually stay down near the ground.


It looks like it was doing a push-up here, part of the anole territorial display. But since this baby was less than an inch long from nose to the beginning of its tail, I doubt any other anoles felt threatened. This photo shows the baby anole close to life size–just a little bit bigger than it actually was.


A Few for Monday


Just a few more butterflies today. One of the many Long-tailed Skippers on the lantana bush.


A Gulf Fritillary–another butterfly that seems to always be around lately.


And here’s a Great Purple Hairstreak–I saw one for the first time a couple of days ago, and this one turned up today. My goal was to get a photo capturing the iridescent blue of the upper side of the wings, which would be the inner side of the wings in this photo. However, this butterfly kept those wings practically glued together and I couldn’t get a look.


Here you can see some of the blue on the butterfly’s body and on the wings. If I see this butterfly again, I’ll give it another try.





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