Max and a Stick on Friday

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Max picked up a stick in the yard and settled down with it. He kept watching me as if he thought I might stop him.



But the stick wasn’t very tasty, it seemed.


And after another try, he was finished with it.




Max on Sunday

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Just a couple of shots of Max in the yard for today. He’ll walk outside carrying one of his chipmunk toys, pick a spot to settle down in the grass, and just lie there for awhile surveying the yard.


When he sees me pointing the camera toward him, he’ll start wagging his tail as he watches me. Then he’ll suddenly jump up and run to me. He’s about to charge at me in this photo!



Max on Thursday

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It was chilly this morning and never really got hot today. Max was enjoying the temperate weather and wanted to spend a lot of time outside in the yard. He brought one of his many toy chipmunks along with him.


Max and chipmunk relaxing together.



Happy Max.



One more of Max and the chipmunk.


Max on Tuesday

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Here’s my boy Max, out in the yard this afternoon.


I found him at an animal shelter June of last year, so he’s been home with us for over a year now. He’s very smart, funny, happy, and playful. He gets the newspaper for me most mornings (safely on a long flexi-leash), but sometimes he wants to sniff around the front yard or watch a neighbor leaving for work instead. Then he loses his job for a day or two, and I get the paper myself until he’s ready to take it seriously again.



He loves to run around in the yard–though he put on some weight this summer when it was too hot for much outdoor activity. It’s cooling down now and we’ll start going for walks again soon.


He’s still scared of strangers and he barks at anyone passing the house or coming to the door. He barks at other dogs too. But little by little he’s coming along. He’ll wag his tail when he sees our neighbor across the street now, and he actually likes to go to the vet’s office where he’s very well behaved for for one particular vet tech.┬áHe’s a happy little fellow on the whole–though he looks very serious here!




Three for Friday

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Here are two odd photos I’ve had for a couple of weeks and almost forgot about. I cut open a tomato one day, and inside the tomato, the seeds were actually sprouting! This is immediately after I started slicing.


Those little green leaves were growing from the seeds inside the tomato. I’ve never seen anything like this before.


And here’s Max, ready to take a nap with his head on one of my slippers.


A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few for today. Here and there we’re getting a fall leaf dropping in the backyard–spots of red, orange, yellow, and brown in the grass.


A Long-tailed Skipper, one of the few butterflies still hanging around, visiting the lantana flowers.


A pretty little juvenile female anole–red head and nice markings on her back.


And here’s Max, looking like a very serious guard dog on duty.


A Few for Wednesday

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Looks like fall is on the way.


This leaf will be falling soon.


Lantana flowers with the fence in the background.


And Max, smiling at the camera.



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