Saturday Assortment

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Gloriosa lilies first today. Here are a group of lily plants growing up against my side of the fence. (My next door neighbor has lilies on her side of the fence too, but hers haven’t grown as much as mine yet.) The lily plants cling to the fence and they’ll eventually cover the area with flowers. This year one giant lily plant came up–it’s taller than I am already and still growing!


The big anole in the area around the gate has become very used to me and the camera, and he sits nicely for photos.


Displaying his dewlap here.


Over on the side of the house I spotted a couple of anoles. This one is a little female.


And another male showing off.


Anole peeking over the top of the fence.


Vine stretching up over the fence toward the sky.


And last for today is Max, cuddling up with a soft fleece throw.


Anoles and More on Wednesday

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Big guy on the fence, bobbing his head and displaying his dewlap.


Over on the side fence I saw a few more anoles. This one held still for just one photo before running off.


Another big male turned up on the top of the side fence, looking down at me.


He put on a dewlap display too.


Watching me as I left.


Mockingbird on the fence, wet from today’s rain showers.


Max’s new fascination is watching the squirrels climbing around in the palm trees. He circles the trees, staring up above. Sometimes he’ll take a flying leap straight up into the air, but he never comes close to any squirrels.


One more of Max.




Max and More on Thursday

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I took Max outside today with the intention of taking a few photos of him. At first he wasn’t very interested.


But when I pulled a couple of dog treats out of my pocket, he brightened up and was suddenly ready to pose. Look at that smile–and those giant ears!


This is one of our screen door anoles, hanging around the plants near the back door. She’s a pretty female brown anole.


Closer look at the anole–she’s looking back at the camera.


We had a storm this afternoon, so there are raindrops on this gloriosa lily in the backyard. The lily looks a bit like a pinwheel from this viewpoint.


Another lily in the front yard.


Geese and Ducks on Tuesday

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Canada geese swimming in a pond.


The goose farthest to the left has a white spot on top of its head–I don’t think I’ve ever noticed one like that before.


I’ve seen this Muscovy duck swimming with its wings raised like this several times, but never got a photo before.


One more of the duck.


Back at home, here’s Max following a trail in the backyard.


Osprey Update on Monday

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Max and I went out for a walk at the community college today, and of course we checked on the osprey nest by the softball field, the one where I’ve seen the most activity. The female osprey was sitting in the nest, babies out of sight. I checked every photo I took for a glimpse of a baby, but she had them tucked away safely in the nest. She looks fiercely protective here.


She was calling often, hoping her mate would return to the nest–maybe with some fish. She kept looking up into the sky.


Maybe he’s over that way.


Or way up there.


She also seemed to be keeping an eye on Max and me, watching us as we walked around near the nest.


The male osprey never did turn up while I was watching the nest, so after awhile I walked Max down to the nearby pond to look at the geese and ducks, and then back up past one of the college buildings. The building had a row of bushes along the side, and Max poked his head  into the bushes. Much to his and my surprise, a big duck ran out the bushes. It was a Muscovy duck with the distinctive red on its face near its bill, and it had beautiful iridescent feathers. Max (restrained by his leash) and the duck stood and looked at each other for minute or two. Then I urged Max on away from the duck, and when I looked back I saw the duck running back into the bushes.



Saturday in the Backyard

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Plenty of little tomatoes ripening on our tomato plant.


And more little green tomatoes coming along.


One of our two new parsley plants.


A tree branch from a neighbor’s yard overhanging our back fence. The leaves really are as big as they look.


The leaves from that kind of tree come in three different shapes, all growing on the same tree. Here’s an example of the three shapes on a single branch. There’s an ordinary plain leaf on the left, one with two lobes that’s sort of mitten-shaped in the middle, and a three-lobed leaf on the right.


Max, faster than a speeding bullet! He loves to run really fast in big loops around the yard.


Last for today is the moon next to a dying pine tree.


Tuesday Photos

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Max checking out the big rosemary plant. He often pokes around this plant hoping to find anoles to chase.


He must have gotten a bit of rosemary in his mouth–he doesn’t seem to like it.


A few more osprey photos from yesterday. I’ve been reading and learning more about ospreys, and one thing I wanted to find out more about was telling apart males and females. I learned that there’s not an absolutely foolproof way,  but that often the female has a “necklace” of brown spots and streaks around her neck, and that females are generally larger than males. The female usually spends more time in the nest. So the osprey I’ve been seeing mostly in the nest and which has a “necklace” is probably the female of this pair of ospreys.


Size comparison is harder since I haven’t seen them close together in similar positions. In this photo the one I believe is the female is sitting in the nest, while the other osprey flies out of the nest. The flying osprey looks larger to me here, but that may just be because of its spread wings and because the other osprey is partially hidden by the nest.


Here’s the (probably) female osprey with a bit of food in her bill–looks like it may be a bit of fish with bones.


Osprey talons. Ospreys catch fish by swooping down to the water and grabbing fish with their powerful talons.


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