Three for Friday

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Here are two odd photos I’ve had for a couple of weeks and almost forgot about. I cut open a tomato one day, and inside the tomato, the seeds were actually sprouting! This is immediately after I started slicing.


Those little green leaves were growing from the seeds inside the tomato. I’ve never seen anything like this before.


And here’s Max, ready to take a nap with his head on one of my slippers.



A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few for today. Here and there we’re getting a fall leaf dropping in the backyard–spots of red, orange, yellow, and brown in the grass.


A Long-tailed Skipper, one of the few butterflies still hanging around, visiting the lantana flowers.


A pretty little juvenile female anole–red head and nice markings on her back.


And here’s Max, looking like a very serious guard dog on duty.


A Few for Wednesday

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Looks like fall is on the way.


This leaf will be falling soon.


Lantana flowers with the fence in the background.


And Max, smiling at the camera.



Saturday Photos

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I happened to walk out into the backyard today at a rare moment: there weren’t any butterflies in the lantana bush. However, there was a wasp.


And there was a fly.


Mockingbird on the fence across the yard–it flew away before I could get closer.


And Max in the grass, thinking I couldn’t see him.


After the Storm

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Irma has passed through and all is well here. We had heavy rain and strong winds during Sunday night and Monday morning, and it all tapered off later in the day. Although there was heavy flooding and wind damage in other parts of our city, at our house we had no damage, no flooding. Our only problem was that the electricity went out at about 11:30 pm Sunday and just came back on at about 8:30 pm Monday (today). So not quite 24 hours without power, which wasn’t bad–many people still don’t have power.

Max loved watching the trees blowing in the wind this morning.┬áHe didn’t care much for the rain though.


Dramatic clouds during Hurricane Irma.


Our backyard was littered with leaves, twigs, and small branches that the wind brought down. Max was delighted to find so many sticks to play with!


It was nice to see the anoles coming out and resuming their usual activities as the storm moved on,.


I saw several cicadas today too. I took this one off the fence where Max would have tried to play with it, and moved it to a safe area.



Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma is here, and from tonight into early afternoon tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of the storm for us here in northeast Florida. We are fortunate to live in a zone D area on the A-F flood probability scale, with A most likely to flood and F least likely. We did not have a mandatory evacuation for our area, though all of the A and B zones did have to evacuate.

It’s windy and rainy now, as predicted for tonight, and we’re just riding it out (or hunkering down, as they always say during hurricanes here). No problems so far. The power is still on and it would be wonderful if we don’t lose our power tonight. Last year our electricity was out for a week after Hurricane Matthew went through. Here are a few photos from today.

Wind and rain in the backyard.


More wind.


During hurricanes frogs often just appear on our sliding glass back door. Max was fascinated when this one showed up.


Little bluebird looking for bugs this morning before the storm really moved in.


We have plenty of supplies–food, water, batteries, flashlights and battery-powered lanterns, a propane stove and a charcoal grill, and the rest of the things they always tell us to stock up on when a hurricane is coming. So we’re as ready as we can be for this storm. If the power stays on I’ll check back in tomorrow.


Back on Friday


I’ve been busy for the past couple of days with dental surgery and preparations for Hurricane Irma–not a great combination! But things are going better now. We’re expecting Irma to pass us here in northeast Florida late Sunday night/early Monday morning. We are not in an evacuation zone so we’re staying home. We usually lose power during these storms–sometimes for hours, sometimes for days–but otherwise come through all right, so I hope we’ll be lucky this time too.

Here are a few pre-hurricane photos from today. First, a Gulf Fritillary butterfly in the lavender flowers. There were about a dozen of these butterflies in the yard this morning, all gone by afternoon. Maybe they were migrating away from the coming storm.


Max looking up into the palm tree he’s been working on. He loves to pull on the loose frond bases. Eventually we’ll get some tree people to come and clean it up.


Max and his palm tree.


Cicada shell on the palm tree.


Baby anole on the fence. The anoles in general seem to come through these storms pretty well–I usually see them reappearing on the fences soon after it clears up. This is a tiny anole though, so I hope it’s a lucky little one!


Another anole on a basil pot. Nice red/orange coloring on this one.




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