Birds and a Twinn Boy on Friday

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Rainy and chilly today, not a good day to be outside. There were a few birds around. This mockingbird stayed at its post at the very top of a tree, keeping an eye on the yard in spite of the weather.


A group of birds in silhouette on this tree–looks like European starlings and a flying mockingbird or two.


It’s been awhile since I featured one of my My Twinn dolls, so today I got out one of my boys for some photos. This is a 23 inch doll with vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, and a stuffed cloth body with an armature that lets him stand by himself and hold poses in many positions. He has the Allison face mold, which has a smile, and he has blue eyes, light red hair, and very fair skin. He’s a Denver doll–made when the My Twinn company was located in Denver and producing its best quality dolls.


He came to me as a girl doll, and I turned him into a boy with a new wig. I wanted him to be a freckle-faced red-head so I carefully painted freckles on his face. When I finished with that, I thought that a boy with that many freckles on his face would surely have freckles on his arms and legs too–so I painted more freckles! I tried to keep the distribution of freckles looking natural–none on the palms of his hands or soles of his feet, for example. He was quite a project but I love how he turned out. He’s one of my favorite Twinns.


Twinn Boy on Wednesday

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It’s been a chilly, rainy day today, so I took a few indoor photos of my new 18-inch My Twinn boy. My Twinn has made 23 inch dolls for years, but recently they started producing 18 inch dolls assembled in a similar way to American Girl dolls. This little boy has the Beth face mold, fair skin, ash blond hair and blue eyes. I really like him.


I especially like his haircut and style.


One for Friday

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Lots of errands and chores in the early part of the day, and by afternoon thunderstorms were rolling in. No outdoor photography today!

So here is one of the new 18 inch My Twinn dolls. These little dolls are much smaller than the classic 23 inch dolls–they’re the size of American Girl dolls. They have smaller versions of some of the many My Twinn faces. This girl has the Cai face mold, which was originally designed to be Asian. In this smaller size I don’t think the face looks especially Asian, and I actually like the small version better than the 23 inch version. This girl has fair skin, golden brown hair, dark green eyes, and freckles. I think she has a mischievous, impish look.



Sunday Photos

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My little friend was back on the window screen over the computer table today. The other day he caught and carried a bug from the bushes up onto the screen, but then he let the bug drop–maybe it didn’t taste good. No bugs today though.


Since I retired this summer I’ve been clearing out closets and cabinets and decreasing my collection of dolls and associated items. The process is slowly moving along. Today I was working on photographing some kittens from the My Twinn company. These kittens have armatures like the My Twinn 23 inch dolls, making it easy to pose them in different positions, and I wanted to show some of the positions they could hold. This is the large calico kitten, about a foot long from nose to tail tip. First, lying down.


Standing up.


Sitting kitten.


And kitten playing with a ball.


Anoles and My Twinn Girls on Saturday

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Rain poured down all morning, and finally cleared up in the afternoon. While it rained this morning I was photographing some of my My Twinn dolls indoors. This is one of the 23 inch dolls–she has a cloth body with an armature, and vinyl head, lower arms and lower legs. Her face mold is called Allison and she has a mischievous, impish expression. She has long brown hair, bright green eyes, and freckles.


These dolls stand easily by themselves–the armature in their bodies makes them easy to pose.


Here’s another My Twinn girl, one of the newer 18 inch size dolls. These smaller dolls don’t have an armature–the vinyl head, arms and legs are jointed onto a cloth body. This girl’s face mold is Denika and she has dark brown textured hair, green/brown eyes, and brown skin. She’s a sweet little girl.


I noticed a pair of anoles on the pool steps this afternoon when the sun came out. I took the camera out and saw that the anoles were mating. I took a few photos before they separated and ran off.


Another anole, a female, hiding down in a bougainvillea plant.



Twinn Girl on Saturday

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A busy day today and I didn’t get a chance to pick up the camera until this evening, so this is one of my newer dolls. She is one of the new 18 inch dolls from My Twinn. The older My Twinn dolls are larger, 23 inches tall, and have an armature that allows them to pose in many positions. This smaller doll has a cloth body and full vinyl arms and legs like American Girl dolls, with no armature. There are many different faces to choose from and many skin, eye, and hair colors. This little girl has the Berkeley face mold with fair skin, green/brown eyes, and long ash blonde hair. She is different from the bigger dolls but very sweet in her own way.


Monday Photos

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It rained most of the day today and I didn’t go out in the yard for photos. I’m continuing to feel somewhat better than I did over the weekend, but still not great, so it was just as well that I stayed inside. From the front window I saw this wet mockingbird sitting on a wire.


I haven’t had any doll photos in awhile. Here is my newest boy, an 18 inch My Twinn doll. My Twinn made larger 23 inch dolls for years, and I have many of them in my collection. Recently they started producing a smaller doll using scaled-down versions of many of their face molds for the big dolls. I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of a smaller doll, especially since it didn’t have an armature that allowed the doll to pose in many positions like the 23 inch dolls. But during a sale on 18 inch dolls last month this red-headed little boy caught my eye and I bought him. He turned out to be much nicer than I expected and I really do like him very much. He has a smaller version of the Catherine face mold with red hair and brown eyes, and I added some freckles. I liked him so much that I got a couple more of these 18 inch dolls during another sale this month. They should be arriving on Wednesday and I hope I like them as much as I like this boy! In this photo the lighting makes his hair color look like a brighter, more carrot-red shade than it actually is–it’s really a more subdued medium red.


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