Twinn Girl on Monday

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It’s been awhile since I shared any doll photos, so today I picked one of my My Twinn 23 inch dolls to photograph. This girl has a beautiful head, eyes, and wig from the Denver era of the My Twinn company, but her body is a later one from My Twinn in Virginia. She has very fair skin (called 01 in the Denver days) and her head and body match pretty well in spite of being made at different times.


This girl has the Madison face mold, with dark brown hair and dark blue/gray eyes. She’s wearing a white dress that I made for her, with My Twinn shoes and socks. I especially like her eyes, a Denver color that’s not often seen.


She can stand up by herself and pose in many positions, one of the nice things about these dolls.


One more of this pretty little Madison girl.




Twinn Girl on Friday

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Another My Twinn girl doll for today. She’s a 23-inch Twinn with a stuffed cloth body, vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, and an internal armature so she can hold poses and stand by herself.

She has the Wendi face mold, one of my favorite faces with medium brown wavy hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. Her head and eyes are from the Denver era of the My Twinn company, when the best quality dolls were being produced, but her body–with a very slightly different skin tone– is from the later Virginia era. This happened often when the Virginia company opened and had to match older Denver heads to their newly produced bodies.


This Wendi is wearing an original My Twinn winter outfit: a sparkly off-white sweater with an embroidered dark red snowflake, and matching dark red velour pants.


One more of this little Wendi girl.


Another Twinn Boy on Friday


Here’s another one of my many My Twinn boy dolls. This little boy has the Berkeley face mold, one of the Asian faces. I’m pretty sure his head and body are both from the Virginia My Twinn era, but it’s possible his head was from the Denver years. He has tan skin (which used to be called 04 color in Denver). I changed his eyes and his wig to these light brown eyes and light/medium brown wig.


Changing Twinn eyes involves removing the wig and eye lashes, heating the head  (usually with a hairdryer) until the vinyl is soft, popping the old eyes out of the eye sockets with various tools, reheating, and popping the new eyes in. Sometimes it goes fairly smoothly and without much difficulty, but sometimes it’s a struggle! This little fellow’s eye change was the most difficult one I ever tackled.  I only managed to get one new eye in place using the usual method–the second eye simply wouldn’t go in. I had to resort to cutting an opening in the top of his head and I put the second eye in through the opening, then gluing the opening closed. Fortunately his wig covers his scars.


His wig has a sort of cowlick on one side that just wouldn’t smooth down evenly, but I liked the wig in spite of that. He is wearing a teeshirt and jeans that I made for him.


Computer was acting up a bit earlier this evening, but seems to be all right now. I hope it’s all straightened out. If there’s no  post tomorrow, I may be involved in computer repairs!

My Twinn Girl on Thursday

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Another one of my 23 inch My Twinn dolls today. This little girl has the Caitie face mold, one of over 40 faces used by My Twinn. She has long wavy blonde hair with blue-gray eyes and a few tiny freckles. She is wearing a dress I made for her along with her original Twinn socks and tennis shoes.


This Caitie is a bit of a hybrid–she has a lovely head, wig, and eyes from the Denver era of My Twinn, when the nicest quality dolls were made, but she has a 2005 body from the later Virginia era. Her body vinyl isn’t a perfect match to her head, but it’s close enough. I love her expression–serious and maybe a little hesitant.


Like my other 23 inch Twinns, Caitie has an internal armature that allow her to hold poses and stand by herself.


One more of Caitie.


Twinn Girl on Saturday

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Another My Twinn doll today–this one is a little girl with the Lenora face mold. She came from the My Twinn company back when they were located in Denver, where they made their nicest quality dolls.


She has long wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and some tiny freckles over her nose and upper cheeks. Her jeans and shoes are My Twinn products, but I made her soft pink top.


Like all the 23 inch Twinn dolls, she has a vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, with a cloth body and an internal armature that allows her to pose in many positions.


The Lenora face has a very sweet, thoughtful expression.


Twinn Boy on Tuesday


A few photos today of one of my My Twinn dolls. These dolls are 23 inches tall with a stuffed body, vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, and an internal armature that makes them easy to pose. They come with a wide variety of face molds and hair, eye, and skin colors. The My Twinn company has closed so there are no more of these dolls being made.

This little boy is Michael, and he has the Jessica face mold. He has straight dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and an olive skin color.


Michael is wearing an original My Twinn boy’s outfit–a long-sleeved gray shirt with orange and blue stripes, and matching blue pants with orange cord at the cuffs that can be loosened/tightened.


The armature in these dolls makes them very poseable. Here’s Michael with his hands behind his back.


And with his arms spread wide.


One more of Michael.



The First My Twinn Doll

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Not the first My Twinn doll ever made, but the first one in my collection! Back around 2001 I had discovered the My Twinn website and I was looking through the “Friends” pages–already assembled and dressed 23 inch dolls. (My Twinn’s more expensive custom dolls were specially made to resemble photos of a child sent in by the buyer.) I scrolled through lots of dolls but one in particular caught my eye. He was a boy with brown hair, light hazel eyes, and a few freckles, wearing denim overalls and a long-sleeved red shirt. His name was Mario–at that time My Twinn gave names to the Friend dolls. I ordered Mario and a short time later he arrived at my house.


I loved everything about him–his brown hair with its hint of auburn, his light hazel/amber eyes, his outfit that looked like a real child’s clothes, right down to his tennis shoes. I learned that he had the face mold collectors called Wendi.


Because of his armature he could be turned and posted in many different positions, and could easily stand by himself. I liked his size too.


Mario didn’t come with a cap, but My Twinn made denim caps to match the overalls, so I added a cap to Mario’s outfit.


So this is Mario, the one who started my Twinn collection about 15 years ago. He’s still one of my favorite dolls.




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