More My Twinn Babies

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Recently I’ve shown several My Twinn Babies (or Toddlers, as the company was also calling them), and today I have two more.

These two were both Hailey, a little girl with curly pale blonde hair, green eyes, a happy open mouth smile, and dimples. The curls across the forehead on my two Haileys were a bit wild and wiry, so I trimmed bangs on both of them. Then I decided to make one of them a boy, so that one got a more extensive haircut! You can see how nicely they can pose with their internal armatures. They can easily be positioned to sit, stand, and hold things


The little girl is wearing her original flowered one-piece pajamas. (She also came with a dark pink fleece jacket and hat, not shown here.)


The little boy is wearing preemie-size one-piece blue print pajamas that fit him perfectly.


Another My Twinn Boy

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Another one of my 23 inch My Twinn boys on this busy Thursday. This boy has the Cookie face mold, a face with chubby cheeks and the look of a young child.


He has brown hair and brown eyes, with very nicely painted eyebrows and lips–a Denver era head, though it’s on a later Virginia era body. He’s wearing a tee-shirt and My Twinn boys’ overalls.


One more of my sweet little Cookie boy.


Twinns for Sunday

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Lots of rain all day today, so a couple of indoor photos. I posted a My Twinn Baby (or Toddler) doll with the Lauren face a few days ago. I actually have two dolls with this face mold, so I tried changing one into a boy’s blue outfit. They make a nice set of happy little twins!


One more of the twin Twinns.


My Twinn Boy on Tuesday

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Another one of my many My Twinn dolls today. This one is a 23-inch boy doll with a vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs on a stuffed fabric body with an internal armature–he can stand by himself and pose in many positions. Over the years of production there were over 40 different face molds and a wide assortment of skin, hair, and eye colors. This little boy has the Sharon face mold which has a more serious expression, and he has light brown skin, curly dark hair, and dark brown eyes.


His head was made in the 1990’s-early 2000’s when the My Twinn company was located in Denver and the best quality dolls were being produced. The company later moved to Virginia, which is where his body was made in 2008 and when he was assembled. His lips and eyebrows were painted in Virginia and his brows don’t have artist touch that many earlier dolls had, but I still like his expression.


Unfortunately My Twinn has discontinued their 23-inch dolls and won’t be producing any more. These dolls have always been one of my favorites, and I’m sorry there won’t be any more of them–but I’m happy to have the ones I’ve collected over the past years!


Friday Assortment

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A couple of anole shots first today. This is a young female–easy to tell it’s a girl by the pattern on her back. She has a light-colored central line with wavy shapes around it.


This one’s a male, with a bit of a crest raised on his neck and back, and with a bit of his dewlap showing. He may have an eye on another anole that he wants to impress or scare off, or he may have been aiming it at me and the camera.


I haven’t been seeing many mockingbirds lately. Mockingbirds are usually all over the yard, but the past couple of weeks I’ve been seeing mostly warblers, wrens, bluebirds, and starlings. I spotted this mockingbird today, looking back over its shoulder.


And here’s another My Twinn Baby (or Toddler, which is what they’ve been calling them recently. Like the doll I showed a week or two ago, Lauren is about 20 inches tall, with a chubby fabric body and an armature so she can stand up and pose. She has a vinyl head, lower arms/hands, and lower legs/feet.  Lauren has straight blond hair, light hazel eyes, and a big open mouth smile with two teeth showing. She’s wearing her original outfit, a soft pink sleeper and matching hat. Like Julia, she’s an older doll from the Denver era of My Twinn.


This must have been a face mold that was popular and that My Twinn liked. They made several Babies/Toddlers with this same face, just changing the names, the hair and eye colors, and the clothes. Danielle had dark brown curly hair and brown eyes and wore a one-piece sailor outfit with a hat; Courtney had pale blond curly hair and hazel eyes and wore a pink flowered dress and hat; and Sydney had brown curly hair and brown eyes and wore dark blue overalls with a light blue shirt.

I like the dimples in Lauren’s cheeks.


My Twinn Toddler/Baby on Tuesday

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In addition to the 23 inch My Twinn dolls I’ve shown here before which represent children, the company also made some other dolls. This is one of them: Julia, a My Twinn Baby, the original name for this type of doll. (More recently they’ve been calling them Toddlers, but it’s the same doll. I’m going to call them Babies here because that was their original name, and it’s how Julia and my other Babies are tagged.) They are about 20 inches tall, with pudgy fabric bodies and an armature that makes it possible for them to stand up and pose. They have vinyl heads, lower arms/hands, and lower legs/feet. Julia is from the older Denver era of My Twinn, when their best quality dolls were being produced.


Julia has light brown/dark blonde hair with curls, blue eyes, and a happy open-mouth smile. She is wearing her original outfit of diaper, white onesie, and pink checked hat, top, and bottoms.


There were about a dozen different Babies available, the number varying from year to year. Julia must have been popular because she was in the catalogs for years. Each Baby in the collection had a different outfit and different combination of face mold, hair color, and eye color. People could also order custom Babies, choosing the face, hair and eyes they preferred.

Julia (like all the Babies) has one hand in a fist with her thumb sticking out. It won’t fit in her open mouth, but she can be posed with the thumb on her lips.


Birds and a Twinn Boy on Friday

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Rainy and chilly today, not a good day to be outside. There were a few birds around. This mockingbird stayed at its post at the very top of a tree, keeping an eye on the yard in spite of the weather.


A group of birds in silhouette on this tree–looks like European starlings and a flying mockingbird or two.


It’s been awhile since I featured one of my My Twinn dolls, so today I got out one of my boys for some photos. This is a 23 inch doll with vinyl head, lower arms, and lower legs, and a stuffed cloth body with an armature that lets him stand by himself and hold poses in many positions. He has the Allison face mold, which has a smile, and he has blue eyes, light red hair, and very fair skin. He’s a Denver doll–made when the My Twinn company was located in Denver and producing its best quality dolls.


He came to me as a girl doll, and I turned him into a boy with a new wig. I wanted him to be a freckle-faced red-head so I carefully painted freckles on his face. When I finished with that, I thought that a boy with that many freckles on his face would surely have freckles on his arms and legs too–so I painted more freckles! I tried to keep the distribution of freckles looking natural–none on the palms of his hands or soles of his feet, for example. He was quite a project but I love how he turned out. He’s one of my favorite Twinns.


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