Sunday Photos

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At the community college where I’ve been taking Max for walks. The baseball field (where osprey nest 2 is located) is in the distance on the right, where a bit of the score board is visible.


This little bird is a juvenile bluebird–it’s mostly brown now, with a little blue on its tail and back.


Flowering bush that Max and I pass on our walks.


This one looks like the juvenile starling that was harassing its parents for food in our yard. I recognize that wide-open mouth.


Kingbird sitting in the middle of a maze of branches.


And a couple of osprey shots, of course.


One more with wings spread wide.


Saturday Assortment

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Basil growing nicely, looking healthy and sturdy.


A big male brown anole on a rake handle. I think he’s the same anole that’s been around the back door–he has that partially regrown tail.


He was brave enough to sit still for photos instead of running away. He bobbed his head at me and showed off his dewlap–but with a blade of grass across his face.


I shifted my position and tried again, and he was very agreeable about doing more dewlap displays. (I made the mistake of posting the same anole photo twice–it’s corrected now, and here’s the big guy with a clearer view of his face.)


More gloriosa lilies are open on the plant in the front yard. This is what a newly opened bud looks likes–lots of yellow, with petals angled downward and just the tips of the petals lifting up.


Fully open lily, with petals showing more red and curving upward.


And this one is a fading lily, dark red petals hanging down.


One more gloriosa lily today–a shot from awhile back. It’s a beautifully shaped lily, and its petals make it easy to see why it’s sometimes called a flame lily. I entered the photo in the Wild Amelia Nature Festival’s annual nature photography contest this year. Today they announced the contest winners, and I was surprised and delighted to learn that this photo took first place in the Flora category on the Advanced level!

Gloriosa Lilyz

Lizard and Lily on Thursday

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We usually have a couple of brown anoles living on and around our back screen door every year. This anole was on the screen this afternoon–we’ll have to see if he stays around. He’ll be easy to recognize because he lost part of his tail at some point and a new section has grown back, making the end of his tail look a bit narrower and different from the rest of it.


The first gloriosa lily of the year, blooming in the front yard. We have three more gloriosa lily plants growing in the backyard near the fence, but no flowers back there yet.


And a lily bud–more flowers will be coming along.



Rainy Saturday

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For the first time in weeks we had a rainy day today–the rain was really needed. We have forest fires going in the southeast US, and though we’re not anywhere near the fires and are perfectly safe, we’re still getting smoke and ashes in the air sometimes. I hope the rain has helped. I went outside with the camera during a couple of breaks in the rain.

Tomatoes after the rain.


Lantana flowers sprinkled with tiny raindrops.


Raindrop on the tip of a leaf, catching the sun.


Yesterday I transplanted some small basil plants into two large pots. I love having basil outside the back door. We use fresh basil a lot, and when the plants flower they attract honeybees and butterflies.


Brown anole on the fence, trying to look impressive with a dewlap display.


One more of the anole showing off.



Two for Sunday

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Just two for this busy day.

Lantana flowers in the backyard. When I was a little girl, my Easter bonnets were almost always decorated with artificial flowers that looked just like these, though the colors were more pastel. I had never seen lantana, which I guess didn’t grow up in New England, so I assumed they were a make-believe kind of flower. I was very surprised to discover lantana flowers when we moved to Florida.


Squirrel on the fence. I really think they tease Max, catching his attention and then racing along the fence and leaping into a tree.


A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few for today. The lantana bush is growing and producing more flowers every day. I saw a butterfly on the lantana flowers today but missed getting a photo. Here’s an insect on lantana flowers though.


In case you missed the insect.


My neighbor had her sprinkler on this evening as the sun was going down. She has flowers under her palm tree in her front yard, and as the setting sun backlit her flowers, the sprinkler threw water over them. It has a sort of magical look, I think.


And last for today is Max, who’d heard a dog barking a few houses away and felt obliged to bark back and prepare to protect his territory. He’s blurry because I didn’t have a fast shutter speed set, but the photo does show his intensity, down to the cloud of dust by his feet.




Mockingbird on Tuesday

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Quiet day today. This mockingbird turned up on the wire out front, looking as if it’s growing in new feathers. Look how short the wing feathers are.


It seemed to be a rather intense mockingbird.


This is a different mockingbird, with a caterpillar or grub in its bill. There are lots of mockingbirds around, chasing each other, chasing other birds, perching high in trees and singing loudly, picking up insects, and so on.


One more of this mockingbird.


This one is the rare headless mockingbird. (Actually the bird had its head turned back sharply over its shoulder to the left, so the body blocks the head. The bright light washed out some of the chest.)


And last for today are some flowers I noticed when I went outside late last night. There were several of these yellow flowers, about 1 inch in diameter,  blooming in the yard. I don’t think I’ve seen these flowers in the daytime–I’ll have to look for them.


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