After the Rain on Wednesday

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More rain today, very heavy at times, but we do need it. After it stopped I went out with Max and the camera, and the first thing I spotted was this Mourning Dove up in a tree. It seemed to be grooming itself after the storm.


Mourning Dove, looking a little better.


One more of the dove.


Nearby a squirrel was running up a tree branch, but it froze when it saw me.


It was motionless for a couple of minutes.


And then it turned to look around before going on up the branch.


Raindrops on branches and vines.


Raindrops on a leaf.


Rainy Saturday

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For the first time in weeks we had a rainy day today–the rain was really needed. We have forest fires going in the southeast US, and though we’re not anywhere near the fires and are perfectly safe, we’re still getting smoke and ashes in the air sometimes. I hope the rain has helped. I went outside with the camera during a couple of breaks in the rain.

Tomatoes after the rain.


Lantana flowers sprinkled with tiny raindrops.


Raindrop on the tip of a leaf, catching the sun.


Yesterday I transplanted some small basil plants into two large pots. I love having basil outside the back door. We use fresh basil a lot, and when the plants flower they attract honeybees and butterflies.


Brown anole on the fence, trying to look impressive with a dewlap display.


One more of the anole showing off.



Wednesday Photos

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A mostly gray, wet day here.


I did see a little Yellow-rumped Warbler in a tree.


And a closer look at the warbler.


Female cardinal stretching and bending to reach some berries.


One from the other day, when the sun was out and the sky was blue: it’s the Loggerhead Shrike again. I like this little bird–I’ve been surprised by its curiosity and boldness.


Sunday Photos

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Storms rolled through this afternoon with rain, wind, and tornado watches. Fortunately all we had were gray skies and rain.


We did get some sun today too, and I saw several anoles. This is the green anole I’ve seen before around the back door.


And this is the male brown anole I’ve seen before, sitting up exactly like this in the same spot on the fence, just looking around.


Eastern Phoebe picking berries.


And Max in the yard, looking up at me.


Rainy Tuesday

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Lots of rain today, sometimes very heavy. Here’s a warbler in the tree with the berries, with palm fronds on the left.


Stormy Thursday

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Dark clouds and strong winds came through quickly this afternoon–the wind was strong enough to take down a tree branch about 4 feet long in our backyard. The branches and needles of the tall pine trees were bending and blowing in the wind.


One of our palm trees as the storm passed through. There are still some fall colors in some of the nearby trees.


A Few Photos from Hurricane Matthew

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Power is on, internet and phone are working, and we are back to normal here after Hurricane Matthew. Our power outage was relatively brief–from last Friday afternoon until around noon on Saturday–but our internet and phone were out until yesterday afternoon. We were fortunate and had no flooding and no damage from the storm.

I did take some photos during the hurricane. Here are our palm trees blowing in the wind.


And another palm tree shot.


Rain drops from the edge of the roof.


Brown anole taking shelter on the back screen door.


But this anole stayed in the tomato pot, popping its head up now and then to check on conditions.


Max was brave and went outside during the storm when he needed to, but he wasn’t happy about it.


Even during a hurricane, it’s important to watch for anole lizards on the palm trees.


The tree branch that fell into our yard. It came from a neighbor’s tree on the other side of our fence. It wasn’t very big and it didn’t cause any damage.


This little fellow went hopping past our back door during the storm. I thought it was a frog, since it looked so different from the ordinary tan/brown toads I often see in the yard. But a friend who received a book about frogs and toads of North America for her recent birthday researched this guy, and she determined it was probably a Spadefoot Toad. These toads mostly live underground and come out after a heavy rainfall.






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