Friday Sunset

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A fiery sky at sunset this evening.


Palm trees on the right, in front of the streaks of red/orange.


Tall pine trees silhouetted against the sunset sky.



A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few for today. The lantana bush is growing and producing more flowers every day. I saw a butterfly on the lantana flowers today but missed getting a photo. Here’s an insect on lantana flowers though.


In case you missed the insect.


My neighbor had her sprinkler on this evening as the sun was going down. She has flowers under her palm tree in her front yard, and as the setting sun backlit her flowers, the sprinkler threw water over them. It has a sort of magical look, I think.


And last for today is Max, who’d heard a dog barking a few houses away and felt obliged to bark back and prepare to protect his territory. He’s blurry because I didn’t have a fast shutter speed set, but the photo does show his intensity, down to the cloud of dust by his feet.




Sunset on Tuesday

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Tonight’s sunset was mostly in shades of gray, with a hint of soft color near the horizon.


Dark trees framing dark clouds in the gray sky.


I was surprised to see a sudden streak of orange crossing the sky. A jet was passing through, leaving a bright trail behind.


Streak of color continuing through the trees.


Two more jets followed the first one, leaving orange trails of their own.


Two for Thursday

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Just two for today. Here’s a female cardinal sitting in a tree. I love her red bill with her brown feathers.


And a sunset photo. I still miss the big pine tree I photographed so often at sunset. Now the sun sets behind these trees.


Three for Thursday

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It was a mostly gray, rainy day today, so just a few photos. I missed a chance at some bluebirds in the backyard when Max ran out the door ahead of me and happily chased them away, but I did get a nice silhouette of a squirrel eating up in a tree.


This green anole has been on the screen door several times and was out there again today. I’m pretty certain this is the same anole that changed color from green to brown–except for some areas on its body that just stayed green. I think it was the first time I’ve seen a spotted anole! Today it was all brown, other than the usual blue/green coloring around the eyes.


Sunset this evening.



January Anole

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I was out looking at our big rosemary plant (and enjoying the scent) when I spotted a young female brown anole climbing around in the branches. Can you see her here?


The anole is on the left, in the lower half of the photo–just her head showing.

She moved higher up in the branches where I had a better view of her. She’s about to jump here.


And this was our sunset tonight, nice colors in the western sky behind the trees.


Two for Saturday

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Max has taken a liking to my computer chair. I’ve caught him sitting in it several times, and one day he took a running leap into it and spun around in circles a few times. Today he was just hanging out in my chair at my computer table.


Pretty colors in this sunset.


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