Toad in the Palm Tree


Max was alertly watching and poking at the lower part of one of the palm trees, and I went over to intervene. Usually when he’s doing this he’s spotted an anole, and I don’t want him bothering them.

When I made Max back off and checked the tree, I found that it wasn’t an anole–it was a toad. A toad had crawled and hopped up under a loose frond base near the bottom of the tree.


I’ve seen tree frogs and anoles in the palm trees often, but never a toad. We do have toads in the yard, but normally they’re on the ground, not on tree trunks.


It was healthy-looking adult toad, plump and active. It moved back under the frond base, but then poked its head out again to look around.


For the toad’s safety from Max, who was still very interested, I gently removed it from the tree and took it over to a safe area on the other side of the backyard fence. The toad hopped off.




Tiny Toads on Thursday

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We suddenly have tiny toads hopping everywhere in the yard. All the rain we’ve had lately may have had something to do with their appearance! The toads are so small that when I first saw one, I thought it was an insect or spider. I scooped up a couple of them and took a few photos.

Two tiny toads near the end of a ruler. The bigger toad is probably 1/2 inch long; the smaller one maybe around 1/3 of an inch.


The two toads by the ruler again. The white specks on them are grains of sand from the area where I found them.


Tiny toad with a penny.


A Few Photos from Hurricane Matthew

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Power is on, internet and phone are working, and we are back to normal here after Hurricane Matthew. Our power outage was relatively brief–from last Friday afternoon until around noon on Saturday–but our internet and phone were out until yesterday afternoon. We were fortunate and had no flooding and no damage from the storm.

I did take some photos during the hurricane. Here are our palm trees blowing in the wind.


And another palm tree shot.


Rain drops from the edge of the roof.


Brown anole taking shelter on the back screen door.


But this anole stayed in the tomato pot, popping its head up now and then to check on conditions.


Max was brave and went outside during the storm when he needed to, but he wasn’t happy about it.


Even during a hurricane, it’s important to watch for anole lizards on the palm trees.


The tree branch that fell into our yard. It came from a neighbor’s tree on the other side of our fence. It wasn’t very big and it didn’t cause any damage.


This little fellow went hopping past our back door during the storm. I thought it was a frog, since it looked so different from the ordinary tan/brown toads I often see in the yard. But a friend who received a book about frogs and toads of North America for her recent birthday researched this guy, and she determined it was probably a Spadefoot Toad. These toads mostly live underground and come out after a heavy rainfall.






Saturday Assortment

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Leaves are continuing to change colors here and there.


A bit of Spanish moss on the fence. It looks like a many-legged spider.


Sophie surveying the yard.


She heard the camera and turned to look at me.


We’ve had a toad turning up outside the back door every night.


Red-headed anole climbing on a lawn chair.


Big male anole keeping an eye on me.


Of course he had to put on a head-bobbing and dewlap display to remind me he’s the boss of this territory.


Checking what’s going on up overhead.


And what’s happening down below.