Three for Friday

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Here are two odd photos I’ve had for a couple of weeks and almost forgot about. I cut open a tomato one day, and inside the tomato, the seeds were actually sprouting! This is immediately after I started slicing.


Those little green leaves were growing from the seeds inside the tomato. I’ve never seen anything like this before.


And here’s Max, ready to take a nap with his head on one of my slippers.



Rainy Saturday

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For the first time in weeks we had a rainy day today–the rain was really needed. We have forest fires going in the southeast US, and though we’re not anywhere near the fires and are perfectly safe, we’re still getting smoke and ashes in the air sometimes. I hope the rain has helped. I went outside with the camera during a couple of breaks in the rain.

Tomatoes after the rain.


Lantana flowers sprinkled with tiny raindrops.


Raindrop on the tip of a leaf, catching the sun.


Yesterday I transplanted some small basil plants into two large pots. I love having basil outside the back door. We use fresh basil a lot, and when the plants flower they attract honeybees and butterflies.


Brown anole on the fence, trying to look impressive with a dewlap display.


One more of the anole showing off.



A Few for Friday


First real crop from our tomato plant this year. I’ve picked and eaten a few little tomatoes now and then, but this was enough for a tomato, basil, feta cheese, and olive oil lunch.


A little Ground-dove on a wire. I like the orange color in its eye.


One more of the Ground-dove. These little doves are only about 6 inches long.


Saturday in the Backyard

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Plenty of little tomatoes ripening on our tomato plant.


And more little green tomatoes coming along.


One of our two new parsley plants.


A tree branch from a neighbor’s yard overhanging our back fence. The leaves really are as big as they look.


The leaves from that kind of tree come in three different shapes, all growing on the same tree. Here’s an example of the three shapes on a single branch. There’s an ordinary plain leaf on the left, one with two lobes that’s sort of mitten-shaped in the middle, and a three-lobed leaf on the right.


Max, faster than a speeding bullet! He loves to run really fast in big loops around the yard.


Last for today is the moon next to a dying pine tree.


Anoles on Saturday

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I found a dead branch that had fallen off a tree in the backyard today. It was a couple of feet long and about an inch in diameter, and it looked like a perfect branch for anoles to perch on. So I put the branch in the area where anoles like to hang out, leaning it against the fence at an angle. And sure enough, every time I checked there was at least one anole on the branch, and I saw several using it as a bridge from ground to the fence. This big fellow was showing off his dewlap as he sat there. I like the colorful blur in the background.


The branch can be seen better here.


I almost decided not to grow tomatoes this year, but then there was the volunteer plant that sprung up on its own in one of the tomato pots. After the little plant made it through the winter I had to give it a chance. It’s thriving now, full of little green tomatoes and tomato blossoms. And as always, I have a tomato pot anole. This big male brown anole stays close to the pot, darting into the pot when he wants to hide.


A closer look at the tomato pot anole.


An anole on the fence–lots of white on this one.


And one more anole climbing on the branch I set against the fence.


Saturday Photos

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The green leaves are growing larger, and the branches that were bare all winter are rapidly filling in.


And our volunteer tomato plant is still green and healthy looking, even with a couple of near freezing nights this past week. There are quite a few little green tomatoes growing.


Over on the side fence I spotted a Yellow-rumped Warbler. The little warbler was apparently looking for insects, watching carefully before suddenly diving off the fence for a bite to eat.


Checking the situation in the other direction.


And on the back fence there was a male Cardinal. It looks like our local cardinal family is staying around for another year.


Brown anole on the screen door casting a long shadow.


Tomatoes and More on Saturday


Our cherry tomato plant made it through the winter, the first time we’ve ever had one last all the way through to February. Most of the plant is brown and looks dried up, but there are still bits of green here and there. And there are still tomatoes growing and ripening.


Another tomato ready for picking.


And a new little plant has sprouted on its own in the same pot, looking healthy and green and already producing tomato blossoms.


There are flowers blooming on one of the trees in the back–tiny white flowers that attract bees and butterflies. Another sign of spring on the way.


I was delighted to see robins in the backyard today–robins migrate through every year, heading north as spring approaches. Last year a pair of robins stayed around and raised at least one baby. I didn’t see them over the winter, but maybe they’ll turn up again this spring. But anyway, it was nice to see robins here today.


Max persists in hoping he’ll be able to catch a squirrel or lizard in the palm trees.


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