Baby Anole on Tuesday

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This baby brown anole was climbing around on the outside of the screen door today–getting an early start at claiming that territory.


It was a very small, very young anole–these photos are larger than life-size.


When I took the camera outside the back door, the tiny anole sat calmly on the screen.


The little anole did keep an eye on me.


But it didn’t seem frightened and never did run away until I went back into the house.


I’m sorry about not getting posts done every day lately. We’re still dealing with family illness here, so I’ll just post as I can.

Bluebird on Friday

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A small bird on a wire–the blue coloring coming in on its tail and wings give its identity away.


It’s a bluebird, probably a juvenile.


Bluebird looking to the right.


The bluebird turned toward the camera.


A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few for today. Here is a pair of little Ground-doves sitting on a wire, with palm fronds in the background. These tiny doves are much smaller than the more common Mourning Doves.


A Brown Thrasher. I’ve seen Brown Thrashers several times before, but not very often, so I always enjoy spotting one. I like the rusty brown color and the streaked breast and abdomen.


A goose standing by itself, gazing off into the distance.



Two for Friday

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When I looked out the back door I wasn’t sure at first what was on the handrail post of the ramp to the shed. I thought it was probably an anole, but it sure was throwing a big shadow.


When I went out and walked closer, I saw that it was a brown anole. He climbed up on the handrail and posed for a photo as he displayed his dewlap.


Anoles on Thursday

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Several brown anoles today. This first one is the female living around the back door, sitting near the parsley pots. I like her markings and the shades of tan in her coloring.


This guy was sitting on the bottom rail of the gate, and he was a natural at posing for photographs. He didn’t mind me or the camera.


He looks almost like he’s smirking here.


Head up and a hint of dewlap color showing on his throat.


This big male is the boss of this area by the fence and gate. Here he is hanging upside down from a branch leaning against the fence. This branch is a handy bridge for anoles traveling between the ground and the top of the fence.


Two for Tuesday

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I was out most of the day, so just two photos for today. Here’s a juvenile bluebird, mostly shades of brown. There may be a hint of blue developing in its wing.


And a familiar sight–one of our current back screen door anoles.


Starlings on Thursday


This brownish bird is a juvenile European Starling.


It spends most of its time following its parents around and demanding to be fed.



An adult bird will bring a bit of food now and then.


And the adult will deposit the food in the young bird’s mouth–sometimes deep in its mouth.


We enjoyed watching this going on in the backyard tonight as we were eating dinner. I had to attempt photos through the glass door because Max was also watching the birds. If I’d opened the door he would have loved to steal an opportunity to run outside and chase them away.

One more starling–a silhouette of a starling on a wire, carrying an insect.




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