Anole on the Fence on Tuesday

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The big guy was sitting upright on the fence again this afternoon.


Looks like he’s leaning on his elbow here as he surveys his territory.


This anole has no concern about me or the camera–he just sits there and watches whatever’s going on. The discoloration on his jaw is fading away, so maybe the injury is healing up.





Max and a Stick on Friday

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Max picked up a stick in the yard and settled down with it. He kept watching me as if he thought I might stop him.



But the stick wasn’t very tasty, it seemed.


And after another try, he was finished with it.



Max on Thursday

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It was chilly this morning and never really got hot today. Max was enjoying the temperate weather and wanted to spend a lot of time outside in the yard. He brought one of his many toy chipmunks along with him.


Max and chipmunk relaxing together.



Happy Max.



One more of Max and the chipmunk.


Monarch Butterfly on Thursday

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There was a single butterfly in our backyard this afternoon, visiting tiny wildflowers in the grass. It was mostly orange, and my first thoughts were the Gulf Fritillary and the Painted Lady that were around so often through the summer and early fall.


When I got closer I saw it wasn’t either of those butterflies–it was a Monarch, the first Monarch Butterfly I’ve seen this year.


There are several generations of Monarchs each year, starting in the spring. The first few generations have short lives of 2 to 6 weeks. But the last generation in September-October migrates south to a warm winter climate, lives through the winter, and migrates back the following spring.


This butterfly was by itself, not with a group of other butterflies, and I don’t know if it’s on its way south, though I’d like to think so.



A Few for Sunday

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Just a few for today. This Tiger Swallowtail is looking worn, with damaged wings.


That didn’t stop it from enjoying the flowers.


Crescent moon tonight.


Anole on Thursday

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Busy day with medical appointments today, so just one photo. This young anole was climbing on the gate. I love his red head and the hint of reddish coloring on his back. He’s clearly a little male with that chevron pattern running down his back.


Anoles on Tuesday

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It was a dull, cloudy gray day today, and that dull gray look seemed to take over almost all my photos. I decided to walk around the yard and photograph anoles, especially anoles on the fences. The first one I saw was the big guy in charge of the gate area, dangling upside down on the gate.


This anole was on the fence at the side of the house. Camera settings were off, so between the weather and the camera, photos are not the best.


This anole was posing under a broken vine–a result of the hurricane.


Another anole looking around from the fence top.


This anole was on the fence near the big lantana bush that attracts all the butterflies. The anole may have been considering making a leap to try to catch a butterfly.


A spot of color in today’s photos: the bright dewlap display from this big male anole. He lives over on the side of the house and I’ve often seen him in this spot on the fence.


I love this little head poking up through the leaves on the fence.


In spite of the grainy look and other faults in this photo, I like the anole’s pose: upright with his “hands” palms down on the fence, surveying things with a stern expression.


Last for today is this baby on the gate. I’d worked my way around the yard and back to my starting point.




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