A Few for Sunday

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Just a few for today. This Tiger Swallowtail is looking worn, with damaged wings.


That didn’t stop it from enjoying the flowers.


Crescent moon tonight.



Anole on Thursday

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Busy day with medical appointments today, so just one photo. This young anole was climbing on the gate. I love his red head and the hint of reddish coloring on his back. He’s clearly a little male with that chevron pattern running down his back.


Anoles on Tuesday

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It was a dull, cloudy gray day today, and that dull gray look seemed to take over almost all my photos. I decided to walk around the yard and photograph anoles, especially anoles on the fences. The first one I saw was the big guy in charge of the gate area, dangling upside down on the gate.


This anole was on the fence at the side of the house. Camera settings were off, so between the weather and the camera, photos are not the best.


This anole was posing under a broken vine–a result of the hurricane.


Another anole looking around from the fence top.


This anole was on the fence near the big lantana bush that attracts all the butterflies. The anole may have been considering making a leap to try to catch a butterfly.


A spot of color in today’s photos: the bright dewlap display from this big male anole. He lives over on the side of the house and I’ve often seen him in this spot on the fence.


I love this little head poking up through the leaves on the fence.


In spite of the grainy look and other faults in this photo, I like the anole’s pose: upright with his “hands” palms down on the fence, surveying things with a stern expression.


Last for today is this baby on the gate. I’d worked my way around the yard and back to my starting point.




After the Storm

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Irma has passed through and all is well here. We had heavy rain and strong winds during Sunday night and Monday morning, and it all tapered off later in the day. Although there was heavy flooding and wind damage in other parts of our city, at our house we had no damage, no flooding. Our only problem was that the electricity went out at about 11:30 pm Sunday and just came back on at about 8:30 pm Monday (today). So not quite 24 hours without power, which wasn’t bad–many people still don’t have power.

Max loved watching the trees blowing in the wind this morning.┬áHe didn’t care much for the rain though.


Dramatic clouds during Hurricane Irma.


Our backyard was littered with leaves, twigs, and small branches that the wind brought down. Max was delighted to find so many sticks to play with!


It was nice to see the anoles coming out and resuming their usual activities as the storm moved on,.


I saw several cicadas today too. I took this one off the fence where Max would have tried to play with it, and moved it to a safe area.



A Few for Wednesday

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Just a few photos for today. Here is Max, happy to be wearing that red harness he loves so much.


Lavender flowers. We started off with four lavender plants this spring. One died almost immediately, but that still left us with three. After a few weeks two of the three began wilting and eventually died, so now we have just one plant left. Fortunately it seems to be healthy and sturdy, and it’s the only one of all the plants that produced buds and flowers.


Skipper butterfly in the lantana.


And a baby brown anole climbing around in a basil plant.


Birds on Tuesday

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I saw lots of birds today–mockingbirds of course, a family of cardinals, a hummingbird visiting the basil flowers, mourning doves, and more. I only got photos of two of them. The first was this Cooper’s Hawk sitting in the rain.


Looking back over its shoulder here. I don’t see Cooper’s hawks often, but they do live in our area and every once in awhile I’ll spot one.


One more of the hawk.


This is a juvenile bluebird, mostly softly colored at this point. You can see a bit of bluebird blue developing on the wings.


This little bird was sitting on a wire, watching the ground for bugs.


One more of the young bluebird.



Thursday Assortment

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I’ve been seeing a lot of swallowtail butterflies lately. A Black Swallowtail–like this butterfly, but this photo is from another day–laid eggs in our parsley plants today.


The eggs look like tiny pearls. I don’t know how many will hatch or how destructive the caterpillars are, but I’ll keep an eye on the parsley pots.


Little Carolina wren looking around the yard.


The next few shots were taken through the window and without ideal camera lens and settings, so they’re far from great photos. But it was the first time I’d ever seen a Swallow-tailed Kite land in a tree, so I grabbed the camera and took some very quick pics. The bird seemed very agitated at first, moving on the branch with its mouth open and wings raised.


After a few moments it calmed down and sat quietly.


And after a few more minutes it flew away.





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