Mockingbirds on Tuesday

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We had air conditioning problems today that fortunately were resolved quickly with a new part installed by the AC repairman. And after that was over, we had thunderstorms. So today I have just a few mockingbird photos taken before the AC situation came up.

This bird was not very close to the house, and from a distance the gray head looked darker, almost like an Eastern Phoebe. I took a few photos and saw that it was a mockingbird–a bit of a disappointment since there are mockingbirds everywhere, all the time, and I don’t often get to see an Eastern Phoebe.


This young mockingbird with its speckled chest was intently watching the ground down below. The background was dark and the bird was lit up by a little sunlight. I could have brightened this up a little more but I like it as it is.


Here’s the same young mockingbird in brighter, more direct sunlight.


A Few for Monday

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Mockingbird sitting on a neighbor’s roof.


The gawky young birds are finally starting to look more like adults.


I couldn’t tell what this anole had caught–a spider? a beetle?–but it was certainly a mouthful. The anole ate the whole thing in a few moments.


This is the anole with the beautiful dark red head, posing here on top of the pole near the tomato pots.


Sunday Photos

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A Yellow Sulphur butterfly was visiting the bougainvillea flowers this morning.



The anole that lives near the back door surveying the area from the screen.


The anole with the dark red head that lives around the tomato pots caught a big spider today. I saw the anole leap off the pot and run a few feet into the grass. It lunged forward and then turned back toward the pot with a spider in its mouth–a spider at least as big as the anole’s head. The anole carried the spider back to the pot and finished it off.



And then there was a very tiny baby anole on the fence. The body of this little one (nose to beginning of tail) was no more than 3/4 of an inch.


Very young anoles often seem less skittish around people than the older and more cautious anoles. This baby didn’t hesitate to jump onto my thumb when my hand came near the fence. From the markings on her back she’s a female. After a moment of exploration she hopped back to the fence.


Last for today is Sophie sitting by my chair in the backyard.



Twinn Girl on Saturday

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A busy day today and I didn’t get a chance to pick up the camera until this evening, so this is one of my newer dolls. She is one of the new 18 inch dolls from My Twinn. The older My Twinn dolls are larger, 23 inches tall, and have an armature that allows them to pose in many positions. This smaller doll has a cloth body and full vinyl arms and legs like American Girl dolls, with no armature. There are many different faces to choose from and many skin, eye, and hair colors. This little girl has the Berkeley face mold with fair skin, green/brown eyes, and long ash blonde hair. She is different from the bigger dolls but very sweet in her own way.


Four Anoles on Friday

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Anole number one was posing on the side of the pool steps.


Anole number two was on top of the pool steps, doing push-ups and pushing out its throat. Something was bothering this anole.


The problem may have been anole number three, who was hanging upside down from the pool steps below anole number two. You can see here how long an anole tail is compared to its body length.


There’s a ladder in the yard, and there are holes in the sides of the ladder where the rungs are. Inside one of the rung holes was a little face looking out–anole number 4.


Thursday Photos

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Bougainvillea blooming.


Anole in the grass.


Baby anole on the rim of a tomato pot. It was doing push-ups and trying to display her dewlap like an adult anole, but there’s not much of a dewlap there yet.


The same baby anole backlit by the sun.


Little anole climbing in the tomato pot.


Black beetle with red and orange stripes.


Wednesday Photos

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The tomato pot supervisor on duty, watching what’s going on down below.


And here he’s just hanging around on the tomato cage.


Another red star flower.


I love the colors in this photo–green, blue, fuchsia, purple.


I think the metallic blue insect may be a sweat bee. It looks similar to green sweat bees I’ve seen, and it does have some green on the underside of its abdomen.


It almost looks as if it’s eating something.


Lulu the basset hound racing toward the back door for a cookie. She can move fast when food is involved.


And last is the anole that lives by the back door, sitting on the screen door.



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