Wednesday Photos


Our first tomato is now about the size of a pea.


Lulu gazing up at Sophie beside her.


And the dynamic duo: Sophie and Lulu together.


Last one for today is a Mockingbird picking its way along the wire, with a golden glow from the setting sun.


A Few for Tuesday

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A honey bee with pollen all over its head.


And a brown anole watching from the palm tree trunk nearby. He seemed to be thinking about trying to grab the bee, but it didn’t happen–at least not while I was there.


A tomato blossom. We have at least two tiny tomatoes growing now, and many more flowers.


And here’s my happy girl Sophie.


Anoles and Bees on Monday

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It was a nice bright sunny day today, and anoles were out and about the backyard. This brown anole was sitting on the edge of a big pot. The photo looks like a painting to me.


The same anole after it leaped onto the fence.


On the side of the house I came across a mating pair of brown anoles. She wasn’t happy about being photographed, and dragged him along the fence until he released her. Then she disappeared over the fence while he looked around for her.


This evening a Mockingbird landed on the wire out front with something moving in its beak. I looked carefully and realized it was a lizard tail–maybe an anole tail–that was still wiggling around.  Some lizard tails can break off easily and can distract a predator by continuing to move, which gives the lizard a chance to escape. The lizard can grow a new tail, as I’ve seen many times with anoles, but I’ve never seen a predator with a moving lizard tail before.


I took some honey bee photos out in the flowers again today.


A sequence of bee photos.




Vine shadow on the fence.


Masterpiece Dolls and a Tomato for Easter

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My Masterpiece girls Faith and Hannah (originally Anneke) have been wearing their Easter dresses for awhile, and today I took them outside for some Easter photos. Faith has brown hair and brown eyes and is 46 inches tall, the size of a 6-year-old, and Hannah has blonde hair and blue-eyes and is 40 inches tall, the size of a 4-year-old.


The girls again, without their Easter baskets this time. They are both all vinyl with multiple joints including elbows, wrists, and knees.


And a close-up. They were sculpted by different artists and have different facial expressions, but I like them together as sisters.


Over on the tomato plants, we have a tomato! It’s very tiny, maybe 1/8th inch in diameter.



Mockingbirds on Rainy Saturday

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Another rainy day, and my photos for today are Mockingbirds that I photographed through the window over my computer table. The first bird arrived with a bug of some sort in its beak.


The second Mockingbird had a caterpillar.


And the third bird was just very wet from the rain.


Rainy Friday


It rained all day today, with more rain predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Raindrops on the leaves of a tomato plant–the first thing I checked when I got home. The plants are continuing to do well.


Flower in the rain, on one of the flower spikes that have shot up from the greens in my neighbor’s garden.


Honey bee on Great Hedge Nettle flowers. When I see all the honey bees on these flowers, I have second thoughts about taking the flowers out. Maybe I can make an area for these flowers in the yard.


Raindrops on the end of a vine on the fence. The top of the fence is reflected upside down in the raindrops. What I didn’t notice until I looked at the photo on the computer were the two tiny flies on the vine too.




Sophie and Lulu on Thursday

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Just a few for today. Here’s Lulu lying around in the grass in the backyard. She can lie perfectly still like this, just rolling her eyes in the direction where she wants to see something.


Sophie and Lulu sat down together and then turned to look at (and sniff at) each other.


Another tomato blossom. The plants are looking great and soon I’ll be tracking the growth of new tomatoes.


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