One of the busiest places in the backyard right now is the section of old fence where lots of brown anoles hang out, from babies climbing to big guys showing off their dewlaps. Today a male green anole joined them.


This is the same guy I saw the other day.


The other day he ran away after I took a few photos, but today he headed over to the brown anoles, watching them carefully. You can see a bit of his dewlap showing.


He seemed interested in making a meal out of one of the tiny babies climbing near him, but I moved my hand between them so the baby could get away safely. Take a look at those teeth.


The baby stayed away from the big green anole and went on climbing. He looks like the first baby I spotted, the one that’s been around for a week or so now.


Baby anole on a blade of grass.


Memory for today: another of those moments when Lulu just wanted to relax, and Sophie was doing her best to get Lulu to play with her.